A to Z of all countries visited

I use to be very scared of flying so never “risked it”. However, although still scared I did fly in 1998. Since then I’ve been trying to make up for lost time . This page is dedicated to all my friends who have had to endure me before and during flights but especially my long-suffering travel companion/guide Mr Neil West (having said that it should be noted that when I collapsed through fear on a flight to Vietnam he was no-where to be seen!!)

The appearance of Neil and Digger was never the same after their holiday in Nepal in 2004.

Well what do “Sunday Times” readers know about anything! (see the lovely Bulgarian entry below)


ARGENTINA (Feb 2015)

Durante sus vacaciones Neil y Digger estaban felices de solicitar la nacionalidad argentina (clarkson gracias por revolviendo para arriba! Tosser)


Argentina has its own Lake District


Argentina is more famous for its wine


BELGIUM (May 2002)

You can never be lost with this many guide books and maps. Brussels is a city of culture

Or not.



BELIZE (April 1999, March 2005)

And it was a Caulker! for snorkling and underwater photography.





BULGARIA (Summer 2000 and 2001-I think!)

In the “old days” it use to be easy to get to Bulgaria. You just needed to tag along with a butch of archaeologists and fly Balkan Airlines

And what wonders awaited you in the villages


And in the cities


But no one can say you can’t have a good time in Bulgaria. Donkey racing is a very popular sport when British archaeologist stay in a small agricultural village and think its like Roman chariot racing (how did I lose?)


CAMBODIA (March 2003)


Ankor Wat. What more can you say.

As the sign says “visit Cambodia 2003”. And we did.



CANARIES (January 2000)

Penguins in the Canaries? seeing is believing.(Presumably if you had the idea that this was a serious travel guide you are getting wiser now)


CHILE (Feb 2015)



CUBA (January 2002)

Havana- just like the tourist adverts (photo by JT)

Missile Crisis. What crisis. (Photo by JT)


CROATIA (October 2015 & 2016)

Split is famous for its Roman Palace


Its also famous for its football team- Hajduk


Its less famous for its Lakes

And its waterfalls


CZECH REPUBLIC (September 2003, October 2004)





FRANCE (July 1998 and November 2007)

1998-What did you during World Cup 98? Well I went to a small village called St. Bernard-de-Comminges in the South of France of course. Here seen in the (only) bar after the Argentina game.


2007- View from my bedroom window in the chateau across the vineyard to Trichot vineyard.



GAMBIA (January 1998)

Downtown Bansang.

GERMANY (March 1998, June 2006)

Wycombe Wanderers Fans (or is that fan) on tour for the World Cup.

GIBRALTAR (September 2008)

Monkey !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (the one on the left.)

GUATEMALA (March 1999)

Chichicastenango, a window shoppers paradise without the windows.

HONDURAS (March 1999)

A day out under duras.

ISRAEL (March 1997)

Somewhere famous for Easter.

At this time, 1997, their government was acting as if it was genuine with regard the peace process. Not any more, so don’t go.

ITALY (June 1998)

I don’t usually like cities, but Rome was different. Whether it was all that Roman stuff or the prostitutes on Via Appia………..well thats another story.

JORDAN (March 1997)

Day 3 of Diggers first ever foreign holiday. Sleeping rough in Wadi Rum (before the Bedouine took us away….). Re-arrange Fire and Baptism.

LEBANON (October 2009)

Qadisha valley in northern Lebanon

Sea front at Tyre, southern Lebanon.

MALLORCA (June 2002)

Digger spent a week on a “4-39 Club Holiday” in Mallorca. Here we see the tour guide (Jono) attempting to persuade Digger that this bridge is indeed Roman!

MEXICO (April 1999, March 2005)


NEPAL (March 2004)

Everest Base Camp is like being on top of the world (apparently some people go even higher!!)

NETHERLANDS (March 1998 and June 2006)

All the best houses in Holland have silly shutters, but with auto-timer photography you can hide them.

PORTUGAL (October 2008)

The Institute of Port in Lisbon. Need I say more?!!

SENEGAL (February 1998)

In Africa you have to erect a net curtain around your bed. No-one told me why.

SYRIA (October 2009)

Palmyra: like Pompeii but in the desert

Great country, great people, great history…………. crap rulers.

TANZANIA (October 2006)

Ngorongoro Crater: a magical place that words cannot adequately describe.

THAILAND (March 2003)

Ko Chang: Lonely Beach (not quite as lonely now as the name would suggest).

VATICAN CITY (June 1998)

Come on, when you only started flying/going abroad in 1997 everything counts!!

VIETNAM (February 2003)

TAM COC (three caves) boat trip through breathtaking scenery.

more to come (I hope)……..more to come (I hope)……..more to come (I hope)……..more to come (I hope)……..