Glentromie Lodge (2015- Easter)

Glentromie Lodge

It was a sophisticated group of friends (as ever) this year so we stayed in a sophisticated house! Huge thanks to Ruth for organising another excellent Easter Holiday.
The Lodge is in a fantastic setting and there is plenty of room for a large party like ours.
The dining room suited our sophisticated needs.


Even if the auto-time photo went off too soon! Can you SPOT Digger?!!


Although there was, obviously, a smoking room, we preferred to enjoy our pipes outside. Some more convincingly than others!!


Dinner was sometimes eaten outside (who said Scotland was cold and wet?)


The International UNO competition

NEWSFLASH…..For the second year running the UNO competition was won by a non Watkins-Kirk person. Due to the sensitivity of such a result it has agreed, for his/her own protection, that the winner will stay anonymous.


Infact, for some peculiar reason, this fussy photo is the only one available of the final.


Oh, did I mention that the winner was MARTIN. I would never have believed it possible (and Neil still thinks I’m lying……)



Some of the gang on the summit of Croidh-la, a hill which shares many similarities with Cairn Gorm (errh except at one third of the height its a lot easier to get up!)
Of course, if you are going up a hill with “less experience and fit walkers” (erh I think that means Digger), its best to pick one with a view and monument on the top. This one was one eighth of the height of Cairn Gorm!
Some hills are even lower (but in this case someone, know doubt from Westminster, built barracks on it)



When you are in the mountains what better way to enjoy them than by biking on tarmac roads……. (photo by Simon)
And what better thing to do than to try a SELFIE with two fellow cyclists in the background.


And what better think to do but to get one of them (Ruth in this case) to wave!



Other than walking and cycling its also possible to go in boats in Scotland as this hearty group did.
Despite our kayak skills, selfies proved difficult to co-ordinate with all three boats.
They were much easier with just two boats.


Until the ladies started paddling.


So what else was there to do, poo

Perhaps inspired by the presence of “unusual” wooden (home-made) toilet seats Digger brought along a pack of Plop cards (in the hope it would take over from Uno).


Which meant every subsequent walk lead to the discovery of mysterious poo/plops. In this photo you can see deposits from deer, owl, penguin and Nessie!



Oh, of course, Scotland is famous for its water
Some, like this pond was only 100m from out lodge. That can only mean one thing……


Yes. Loch and River swimming opportunities. SEE NEW SWIM PAGE IF YOU WANT DETAILS


Since the referendum English tourists have had to try harder to fit in