Lochstack Lodge (2018- Easter)

The gang


Steve and Martin are represented by the pink cats or is it the antlers………


All present and correct at the very door that celebrities, royalty and Ms Chanel have walked through…

The house

View of the house across Loch Stack


The bedrooms were not as big as you might think (if you choose to sleep in a cupboard!)


The views from the house were simply “the best” (in sunshine)


And simply “the best” in snow too



The evening meal is a pivotal part of the day


Afternoon scones and tea were also a pivotal part of the day (note. the strange head ware that Leyla is wearing)




Here we see two generations of Watkins family on the side of Ben Stack striding out as if they know what they are doing and have been map reading all their lives


Map reading is an essential skill when out walking to avoid situations like this (please send bills for fence repair to …………….. at ……………….)


Here we see on another walk a “map reading course” taking place……….erh……50 metres from the house


And here we see Leyla taking charge and casually pointing to the required destination


Which of course, as on all good walks, is the picnic spot. This wasn’t the only Selfie taken on the holiday………..



The (around the bottom of) Ben Stack walkers


Can you guess which one of these lovely people is not a Watkins lady?


Despite being the most intelligent dog I know, Polly still hasn’t got the hang of Selfie’s


Or has she?


Scenery- hills

Scotland has many hills (Ben Stack in the background)


Scotland has a moon (some say its the same one as in the rest of the UK but surely not)


Lochs and rivers

Along with hills Scotland has many rivers


And Lochs



Unlike some other places in the UK no-one seems to mind you having a swim in a river- out of fishing season at least (Photo by Steve)


Or in Lochs

For more info on swims in this area see:




Some people claim that Scotland gets horrible weather, but based on the FIRST photo below this is clearly rubbish.

A typical day in the Scottish Highlands…………


A typical day in the Scottish Highlands?


A typical day in the Scottish Highlands? (Photo in Leyla’s car)