Loch Laggan (2012- Easter)

DESTINATION: Loch Laggan (Cairn Gorms)

Traditional clothing is essential when in the Highlands of Scotland


As usual Ruth did us proud in terms of the house. Here’s the view from one of its windows.
We stayed very near Loch Laggan as seen in this photo.



Walking in Scotland, even in snow, is easy (if you have a good path)
Although I did find myself at the back alot (is that a 70 year old man at the front?!)

 HERITAGE AND WALKS (never muddle to two up)

Scottish holidays with Ruth are infamous for their Heritage Walks (usually areas of wet peat bogs!)
Heritage walks always involve MUD, MUD, MUD, MUD!
But they can still be fun! Ben won this years “BEST SMILE ON A HERITAGE WALK EVER AWARD”
Of course, the Heritage seen can be amazing (as with the walls of this hillfort)
And even here, where the memorial provided shelter from the wind.
But its not always as impressive as one might imagine (can you make out the stones?)


I use to think I was better at cycling than walking. That was until I went with the lads on their “rest day short ride” (I believe they were waiting over the next mountain when this photo was taken!)
I preferred cycling with the ladies of the group. By saying I was going to take a self photo while riding I was allowed to be at the front! PS Rosie won the “BEST SMILING CYCLIST AWARD”
Despite my efforts I was never going to win the “BEST SMILING CYLIST AWARD”!!


Tea shops are a vital part of the holiday. Here captured by a hidden camera operated by Rosie. Diggers lawyers would like to stress that the number of cups and plates were used by Digger.
Sometimes I get the impression Ben doesn’t want to be seen with us?! Or is it that he is feeling guilty as Digger and Steve try to pluck up courage to talk about the strange odour?!


Of course. For details see “New Swims” page.


And as is so often the case Steve won the “BEST WILD SWIMER AWARD”
Two swimmers. Huge support team (or were they just waiting for the drivers to get out of the water?!)


Martins lawyers would like me to assure you that its not my hand in his lap!
They also asked for a different photo to be used so here is one.
We like Whiskey!
Whiskey makes Simon thinks he has turned into a cat!
Whiskey makes Neil think he has finally won the annual Uno competition!!