Caerleon (2011)

A “busmans” holiday where Romans meet Wombles and Wild Swimming with lots of self-photos thrown in (i.e heaven!!!)


(Fancy dress and self-photography)


Fancy dress

(and self-photographs)

A scarry Scottish co-director (and slightly scared looking Murray!)


(and Romans)

Despite his age Uncle Bulgaria proved to be an excellent planner!



OK, how am I going to explain this. Well its simple really two members of staff are members of a Border Morris dance team who performed for us!


Wild Swimming

(within the port area of the Lost City of the Legion- see the Roman tile wall in background!)

Come on in the waters lovely


Well thats not strictly true as its a mix of water from the River Usk and clay (hence the dirty feet)

Oh, just look at that  Sexy feature……..yes the Roman wall in the background looks magnificent!!