Hadrians Wall (July 2014)



You also need some friends to go with (gosh, thats lucky here are two!)


More the merrier!
Even if sometimes they don’t appear that interested!


To make it more interesting you can dress up as a Roman soldier.


And have your photo taken with a Roman soldier!


You can also dress up as a celt/scotti.


If thats not exciting enough you can get you photo take by a Roman toilet


Even if they are in use at the time.
Or try one out for yourself!


Although the wall gets all the attention, there are places to swim…


See the “recent swims” and “swimming with history” pages for more details


If you came to this page looking for detailed information on Hadrians Wall here you go:

Milecastles X 79 (this one is MC39)


Each has fascinating features to examine.


Turrets X 158 (this one is T29A)


Phallic symbols X 1