Isles of Scilly (2012- September)

You get there by boat because they are surrounded by sea

Most people travel across the sea by big boats

But any type of boat will do

Canoists leaving the St Agnes campsite

Infact, you go by boat all the time

People trying to leave Tresco

So is it a tropical island?

Too right its like a tropical islands (at times!). Tresco.

Its just like Lebanon (but actually St Agnes)

If so, it must have good beaches?

The best! Quite big but still important to get your towell laid out just in case there is a rush of beach-goers (West side of Tresco)

Some beaches have history as a back drop (Tresco)

So, its got sea, sandy beaches and tropical plants? Does that mean its good for swimming?

Too right it does!!

At the St Agnes campsite you can have a swim and keep an eye on your tent at the same time.

Do other people swim?

Helen, Mark and Digger on the infamous “Ten swims around St Agnus day”

Some people try to count their swims

Digger and Mark indicate the numbers of swims they have achieved in one day.

Digger indicates he has done ten swim (or is he actually waving for help!!)

Are there “creatures” in the water?

Yes. Sometimes there are blobs in the water.
No. I don’t mean me. The blob behind me!

Are they looking at you!

“You know what, I have an odd one looking at me this time” (said the seal to his friends)

Are seals bigger than you thought?

You know what, the closer you get and the bigger the seals get. SH*T!!

Do they like having their photos taken?

Not sure. SH*T
Seemingly this seal (which goes by the name of “Bob”) is camera shy afterall.

Who’s to thank for organising the trip, showing you round and for lots of these photos?

Helen n Mark

Anything else to do?

Ancient burial monuments
Take self-photos with the locals!
Take photos of your own shadow.
Take photos of a toilet used by Gary Linear!

Or just relax and watch the sunsets

Anything else?

Oh did I mention that along with the St. Agnes campsites ideallic location it also has an ice cream factory!