ArdNAMurchan (2017- July)

OK. While some people might go to the other NAM (that’s VietNAM), we went to the real NAM (that’s the ArdNAMurchan peninsula in Scotland- as if you needed to be told)

Who went?

Digger, Harris (dog not island), Ali, Jon, Steve (no shoes), pink cat and Ruth


Where did we stay

Holiday rep Ruth found us a lovely house with sea views and decking


Unfortunately the midges liked the decking too so this is the last photo of us on it (photo by Ali)



As the tourist board would say if they paid me

“the west coast of Scotland is a bit like New Zealand, but nearer (and with midges)”

Camas nan Geall on the south coast


Sanna Bay on the north coast


Singing sand beach on the north coast.


Beach dudes

Every beach seemed to have a beach dude on!


Here is another one!


Here are some more. Looking out to seal (the small blob in the sea in the distance). Unbelievably to some this is the same beach as above- just 5 mins earlier!


I see seal (the animal not the pop star)


More beach dudes (but these have no feet!)


Dress code is variable. This dude is wearing a life jacket just to keep warm!


So, other than Harris (dog not the island), did no-one go swimming?


Sea swimming

Here Jon gives the game away- yes its not that deep and some (well Jon) think its a bit cold.


The hunt for the seal was unsuccessful.


Attempts to convince people the sea was as warm and salty/buoyant as the Dead Sea appear to be partly successful (well one leg is out of the water!)


Fresh water swimming

A couple of new swim spots have been added to


The search for the most westerly Loch in mainland Britain (a compass from a Xmas cracker would never lie would it?



For any walking in Scotland you need to be equipped properly- here Digger is “kitted out” with a life jacket to keep warm (yes, he forgot his warm fleece)


The weather can change at any minute so you need to have navigation equipment like a compass to get your bearings- here is one Digger was given which apparently cost as much as 20p


Picnics are an essential part of walking


And so is looking happy despite the weather………


Now that’s better.


Its difficult to look too happy when you discover that Ardnamurchan has been used to build an experimental Mexican border wall- apparently built by Channel Four as part of some reality show.


Harris (dog not island)

My new best friend (if I throw shells and sticks for him)


It was like “love at first sight”. Infact we bounded a bit too well…………


The least said about our “bondage” games the better!




Mull and Eigg (islands not dogs)