Isle of Mull (2021- July)

(also known the Scottish Caribbean)



Like the Caribbean, but with less people


The beaches really this nice but empty


If you look carefully you can see one other person on the beach (Stephen)


This is a crowded beach (with Stephen and Ruth)


This is an even more crowded beach…



Plenty of sea swims were had


Plenty of Loch swims were had

Follow the link to find some of the Loch and River  swim spots


Any non-swimming activities?

Hide n Seek anyone?


Found you!


Spot the dirty path


Goodbye dirty path







Apparently some people go to Staffa for the wildlife


Others go for a swim


Some just watch the swimmers (or are they jelly-fish spotting?!)


What a swim spot



Photo by Judith


Photo by Judith




Cute lamb


Cute (on left?) and/or scary (on right?)


The gang

Roger, Ruth (gang leader), Judith, Stephen and the other person


The end of another perfect Scottish holiday (after a break of 1.5 years thanks to Covid)