Spain (2013- August): Granada

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Scenic view near Granada
Another scenic view with Lake in background (see below)


It appears that not everyone enjoys the walk to find either heritage or culture!!

Who would believe that behind this delightful fence near Antequera surrounds “hugely impressive and moving monuments”? Not us we went twice it was never open.
What a delightful fence and make the razer wire around Stonehenge in the 1980s look pleasant!


Always difficult to tell if the Alhambra (and much forgotten Generalife) is heritage or not, but as it doesn’t have a high steel fence around it I think it must be cultural.
Chite was a particularly interestingly named cultural village

Spot the Watkins lady in the photo

Apparently, an often played game at the Alhambra is to try to disguise yourself in line with the pretty walls.

Come on girls. Must try harder!
And the clear winner is ……… Layla (no competition)


The Spanish apparently invented “snacking”. They just have a better sounding word for it (Tapas)
But the Brits invented “picnics” and can have one anywhere (note use of kilt beach towells in an olive grove)
Of course, if it takes you 5 hours to find your remote B&B it can mean you eat late at night (although the “moon” looks suspiciously small?!)

The Sea

Most of the time the sea was pretty empty.
But then a floating car would appear………


Although there were rumours of wild wolf packs all we saw were goats.
Some goats had their own villas!
Surely there can’t be wolves if ducks can sit on garden walls like this?
Turns out there are wolves and they are all very friendly (at least in Lobo Park near Antequera)


Lake 1 (probably Embalse de Virnuela but I’m not totally sure). Details on New Swims Page
Lake 2 (probably Embalse de Campanillas although I’m not 100% certain). Details on New Swims Page
Lake 3 (Embalse de Beznar). Details on New Swims Page
But it was odd that no-one else was in the water.

Some lakes had signs by them but unfortunately my Spanish lessons couldnt help me work out what they said (Hola, Me llamo digger, Me gusta la cerveza, but not whatever this sign says!) What you need is a picture.

Arrh. A sign with a picture. But what does it mean. We guessed at “no front crawl” so obeyed by just doing breast stroke!!

So, where else could you swim?

Too small I think.
A bit green.
Getting better. But where do the Spanards swim?


Apparently this “cultural” event dates back to pre-Roman (Fairy Liquid) days
Of course, as Brits abroad we couldn’t possibly join in
Or could we……………..
Well maybe


Going. Going. Going
Whats he (Ben) laughing at?!
Team Foam (GB)

Team Espano (2013)

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who attende Espana 2013
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