Sardinia (2018- August): Nuotare per la porta


So why did we go to Sardinia?


Something about a secret love child (in background) or was it L’Arco?


“Its behind you!”


“What are you all pointing at?”


“Nice sunset!”


“Do you have to swim through it along?”


Not at sunset



Or any other time


The drink looks familiar





Other bits of seaside



No lifeguard. Or is there?


I think we are pointing to the others who went to the “other” beach


Possibly the first ever selfie Digger has taken in the shower with three lovely ladies



Sites like this are impossible to interpret due to the complexity of the remains (and the midday sun!)


Here is our tour guide



Iconic Italian food


Iconic Italian food for the British customer



Iconic drink


Iconic drink


Another iconic drink



The gang at the end of holiday meal- can you guess what most of us chose?


Who’s the Daddy?!


Who’s the Daddy?!


Huge thank you to everyone who attended Swim the Door (abroad) 2018