France (2018- July): Uzes

Most of the gang (from right to left): Digger, Steve, Ben, Rosie, Sam, Leyla, Margot and Tom (hiding behind Rosie). Location of Ruth uncertain.


Pont du Gard

Leyla, Rosie, Steve, Ruth and Digger in front of the aqueduct


Steve,Ben and Digger under the aqueduct


Digger with the aqueduct


Steve and Digger in the space ship at the Pont du Gard (otherwise known as the visitors centre)



One of the streets of Uzes


Some of the residents of Uzes. Can you spot the “odd one out”?


One of the more unusual residents of Uzes. (The one on the left silly)


Bull demonstrations (well that’s what the sign said it was)



Food glorious Food.


Eating out


Eating (ice cream) out


Eating in (next to the pool)


Eating lettuces made by Leyla and Ruth


The Pool

Fun in the pool


1st attempted auto-timer photograph


2nd attempted auto-timer photograph


The best auto-timer photograph ever (although its possible it was taken by Margot)


Fun under the pool


More fun under the pool


“Fun” on the site of the pool. Note. no cucumbers were hurt during the taking of this photo



The rivers were great. Details of some of the swims have been added to:



Its difficult to capture the “gang” canoeing when there are so many other canoeists


Here is the best selfie


Its much easier to get a selfie at lunchtime on dry land



A great Uncle Bulgaria once said “When abroad with the Watkin-Kirk ladies it is essential to escort them to all the best places……………”