Glenn Miller

Everybody knows Glenn is the real “king of swing”. So is it true Digger is a relative? Well, where did Glenn live between July and December 1944? Only 2 miles down the road from where Digger lives now……………

75+ years Missing In Action


It’s Time For Glenn

If you know:

  • Who led the most commercially successful swing band in the world.
  • What great band leader came to Britain (Bedford no less) in 1944.
  • Who performed with Dorothy Carless, Vera Lynn, Gloria Brent, Bing Crosby, Dinah Shore etc.
  • Who recorded their radio broadcast from the Co-Partners Hall (Bedford)
  • Who left Twinwoods Airfield (Bedfordshire) on 15th December 1944 never to be seen again.


Then this is the page for you

That FATEFUL December 15th 1944, Twinwood Airfield, Bedfordshire

Too much fog in the morning for flying. At lunch (Milton Ernest Hall, veggie burger and chips) telephone message confirmed the pilot had clearance and to expect the plane to take off shortly. Staff car arrives at Twinwoods with GM, Gaessell and Haynes. Hidden by the overcast the drone of a plane is heard from the staff car parked by the control tower (see above).

Plane circles once then lands. Staff car drives to end of runway to meet plane; a single engine Noordwyn Norseman UC-64-A, serial number 44-70285 (see below).

The pilot Morgon (below) opens door, Baessell and GM climb on board, Haynes shuts door.

At 1.55pm the aircraft took off and disappeared into the overcast sky. The final destination was to be Bordeaux. When Haynes and the orchestra arrived on the 18th there was no Glenn…………………….


The Highlights of 1944

As that other great musical talent* said Step Back In Time and explore Glenn’s 1944 diary.

December 15th, unknown……………….

The Worlds Greatest Bandleader Ever (probably) leaves Twinwoods Airfield (Bedfordshire) never to be seen again.

December 14th, Milton Ernest (Beds)

Glenn phones Haynes at Milton Ernest Hall saying the planes from Bovington aren’t flying. Unfortunately Baessell offers Glenn a flight to Paris from Twinwoods the next day.

December 13th, London

Thick fog throughout England, BBC produce Cecil Madden tries to talk Glenn out of flying.

December 13th, London and Bovington

Original orders instructing Don Haynes to go to Paris CHANGED, allegedly by Glenn, now The Greatest Bandleader Ever is to make a trip to Paris.

December 13th, Mount Royal Hotel, London

Glenn has a quiet night out.

December 12th, Queensbury All Services Club, London

Glenns last live broadcast ever………………………

December 6th, Abbey Road Studio, London

Glenn is photographed with three bearded friends crossing the road at the Pelican Crossing (others stole his image years later).

December 5th, Queensbury All Services Club, London

Glenn plays for the 100th time.

November 26th, Granada Cinema, Bedford

Do you now the Lidl Supermarket now occupying that land never plays his music. There’s just no respect these days.

November 23rd, Milton Ernest Hall (Beds)

November 17th, Queensbury All Service Club, London

Stories abound about why Glenn played at this “Club” so often.

November 13th, Versailles Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force

Glenn “The Main Man” asked to take over the US Army Band and lead six-week tour of American Bases on continent starting Dec 15th……

November 11th, Milton Ernest Hall (Beds)

Glenn used to play for his dinner alot.

November 6th, Maida Vale BBC Studio, London

Top of the Pops are still promising to release the video.

October 29th, Midland Road Red Cross Club, Bedford

Now a Wetherspoons pub inappropriately called Pilgrims Progress- after a lesser known Bedford celeb, in their favour they do sell cheap beer..

October 15th, Feldman Swing Club, London

He like his nights out on the town.

October 5-12th, Queensbury All Services Club, Soho, London

Now he “performed” at this Club a lot, something about the location perhaps?

October 2nd, Nuthampstead airfield

No ideal where this place is.

October 1st, Great Ashfield airfield, Suffolk

September 28th, Rainbow Corner Red Cross Club, London

Some thirty years later I saw Hawkwind perform here.

September 16th, Abbey Road Studios, London

September 11th, De Montford Hall, Leicester

Some forty years later I saw Jack and the Bean here.

September 8th, Thurleigh Airfield (Beds)

September 28th, Rainbow Corner, London

Near where I first saw Hawkwind.

September 16th, Abbey Road Studio, London

September 11th, De Montfort Hall, Leciester

September 7th, American Red Cross Club, Bedford

Now a car park.

August 27th, Twinwood Farm airfield (Beds)

Scene of heartbreak three months later.

August 23rd, Podington airfield (Beds)

Appropriately (not) now the home of British Drag Racing (Santa Pod)

August 15th, Burtonwood

August 11th Bedford Corn Exchange

August 3rd, Co-partners Hall, Bedford

July 29th, Wycombe Abbey HQ

July 23rd, American Red Cross Club, Bedford

July 21st, Melchborne Park

July 20th, Bedford Corn Exchange

July 8th, Milton Ernest Hall

Glenn’s first Live Gig in Britain (apparently JT was there recording it). I drive past it every day on my way to work, I am so lucky.

July 2nd, Glenn and band transfer to Bedford

Because they hear it is a “happening” town (and to avoid V1 rockets in London).

June 30th, GM and band arrive in London.

June 21st, Greatest bandleader ever arrives in Britain.