Best Auto-Timer photos


This page covers the topic otherwise known as……..
“I can’t believe this photo has not been taken by a professional photographer who calmly composed the picture”
One of the earliest recorded Auto-Timer Photos in the Digger family archives. The skills were passed down from father to son!
NOTE. All photos shown here have been taken using the Auto-Timer facility (in the “old days” that was the funny little lever thing on cameras), but now its a setting where you can even choose the length of the delay- now that’s progress!


The Year 2022



The Year 2021


The Year 2020

!! MISSING IN ACTION (due to social distancing rules that most of us followed) !!

The Year 2019

The Year 2018



The Year 2017

The Year 2016

The Year 2015

The Year 2014

The Year 2013

Meal time at Chite, Spain

The Year 2012

On top of a mini “monroe”. Digger, Ben, Ruth, Simon, Judy and Polly rest before the descent of 150m!

The Year 2011

Attendees at JT-fest (the alternative festival for those who, for the first time in years, didn’t get tickets for Glastonbuy. Bitter, me?!)

The Year 2010

ISLE OF LEWIS: Don’t go. Look what it does to people!

The Year 2009

LAKES: Digger, Sophia (almost hidden), Tahira and JT (sheltering from the rain)

The Year 2008

TORRIDON: West coast of Scotland.

The Year 2007

DURHAM: Jill, Gabriel, Geof, Rose, Madaleine, Digger and Steve.

The Year 2006

HANNOVER: Christiane, John, Ali, JT and Digger. Camera balanced on some old wooden pier!

The Year 2005

MORTHOE (Probably) the best campsite in the world

The Year 2004

MEPPERSHALL: Lizzies leavin do. See you can take Auto-Timer Photographs and be p*ssed at the same time!?

The Year 2003

PRAGUE: A pub.

The Year 2002

LYONSHALL: Difficult to believe I known, but yes this is an AUTO-TIMER PHOTO. The camera is balanced on a bucket.

The Year 2001

BULGARIA: Ok this may be an AUTO-TIMER PHOTO or it might not be. Alcohol was cheap so memories are poor!

The Year 2000

LAKES: Digger, Manjit, Neil and Jo.


CLEVELAND HILLS: Surely this is the best (and oldest) AUTO-TIMER PHOTO in the world.