Best Auto-Timer photos


Otherwise known as
“I can’t believe its not taken by a photographer who calmly composed the picture”

One of the earliest recorded Auto-Timer Photos in the Digger family archives. The skills were passed down from father to son!

NOTE. All photos shown here have been taken using the Auto-Timer facility (in the “old days” that was the funny little lever thing on┬ácameras), but now its a setting where you can even choose the length of the delay- now that’s progress!


The Year 2016

The Year 2015

The Year 2014

The Year 2013

Meal time at Chite, Spain

The Year 2012

On top of a mini “monroe”. Digger, Ben, Ruth, Simon, Judy and Polly rest before the descent of 150m!

The Year 2011

Attendees at JT-fest (the alternative festival for those who, for the first time in years, didn’t get tickets for Glastonbuy. Bitter, me?!)

The Year 2010

ISLE OF LEWIS: Don’t go. Look what it does to people!

The Year 2009

LAKES: Digger, Sophia (almost hidden), Tahira and JT (sheltering from the rain)

The Year 2008

TORRIDON: West coast of Scotland.

The Year 2007

DURHAM: Jill, Gabriel, Geof, Rose, Madaleine, Digger and Steve.

The Year 2006

HANNOVER: Christiane, John, Ali, JT and Digger. Camera balanced on some old wooden pier!

The Year 2005

MORTHOE (Probably) the best campsite in the world

The Year 2004

MEPPERSHALL: Lizzies leavin do. See you can take Auto-Timer Photographs and be p*ssed at the same time!?

The Year 2003

PRAGUE: A pub.

The Year 2002

LYONSHALL: Difficult to believe I known, but yes this is an AUTO-TIMER PHOTO. The camera is balanced on a bucket.

The Year 2001

BULGARIA: Ok this may be an AUTO-TIMER PHOTO or it might not be. Alcohol was cheap so memories are poor!

The Year 2000

LAKES: Digger, Manjit, Neil and Jo.


CLEVELAND HILLS: Surely this is the best AUTO-TIMER PHOTO in the world.