All you ever wanted to know about Self-Photography but were too scared to ask.

What do you mean I have grown a goat. ie. (September 2012, Bryher, Isles of Scilly)

Self-photography should not be confused with the Auto-Timer. It is quite distinct, more intimate and flexible.

The Basics

All you need is:

  1. A camera with a wide angle
  2. Long steady arm
  3. Ability to take a photograph without looking through view finder or even the or the composition
  4. A sad obsession of seeing yourself in photos.

The Stupid Signs Collection

By who? The Anti-Dog League???

Scared Looking Children Collection

I don’t know why these “Kids in Cambodia” look so scared. I have just paid a small fortune for five postcards!

And why does Sophia look so scared? Oh because Digger was left to look after her at the Chateau du Trichot. Yes we stayed there!!!

 Scared Looking Adult Collection

Who is most scared? (Fuereventura July 2012)

No worries about Visible Panty Lines here (Fuerteventura July 2012)

I think a worrying theme is developing (Yorkshire Sculpture Park. January 2013)

Who looks most scared? (Gilbraltor, September 2008)

Digger with his girl friend who was probably called Florence (Gibraltor). September 2008

Mexican in “traditional” costume. Digger and Neil also in “traditional” costume. April 2005

Perhaps the greatest ever Self-Photograph and unique! Has anybody else taken a Self-Photograph of Glenn Miller NEPHEW!!! August 2006

Not So Scared Adult Collection

Not so scared looking Sandra and Chris with Digger in the Herefordshire Hills. Xmas 2006.

The one and only. No I mean Phil Harding. October 2005.

Despite the scary weather and heights, Digger and Ruth were not frightened. Errh, perhaps that was something to do with the Whiskey consumed on the top of Ben More. Isle of Mull at Easter 2006.

Digger and Christiane on the Cain Gorms.

Sally, Angieharrold (no I mean Angharad) and Digger out of the town in a cricket pavillion in Herefordshire (really!). 2004

Nice ear rings Digger and who’s the friend?

River Swimming Collection

New recruits to River Swimming “enjoy” the experience (and a self photo) in the River Seven.

Cuba. If you can keep your head above water you will have a great time…

The Animal Collection

A zoo in southern France

Spot the difference?! (Fuerteventura July 2012)

Spot the difference?! (Fuerteventura July 2012)

Duck!! Ducks!! (North Yorks. August 2012)

Lion!!!! (N. Yorks. August 2012)

Horse meat and the vegetarian (September 2012, Bryher, Isles of Scilly)

In Nepal they keep Rhino for pets?!

Not all animals in Nepal are scarry!

Well. I was told it was real.

Largest Number of People In One Self-Photo Collection

YES here it is. FIFTEEN PEOPLE (ish) captured by the Self-Photography Che.

The Under Water Collection

“Easier said than done!” Why don’t you try?

Again. “Easier said than done”. Just look at the composition!!

The Drinking Collection

Its still possible to take Self-Photos after a “hard day” up the mountains!

Self-photography after drinking lots of Rakia in the afternoon heat of Bulgaria is not easy. Oh yes it is!!

Genius (or a mistake). That is the question!

The art of self-photography is while taking your camera out of your pocket and clicking the button you get both yourself and something interesting in the background!