The drinking (selfie) collection


Glen Lyon (April 2023)- see its not all about drinking alcohol, or is it….



Pete and Digger/Mike say “always drink responsibly and with serious intent”


(Hinton St Mary, Dorset. 2022)


Cardiff University students undergoing “training” (Hinton St Mary, Dorset. June 2022)


Steve, Ruth and Digger (Oldshoremore, Feb 2022)


Tahira, Richard and Digger (Manchester, September 2021)


A village pub near Beverley, pre-lockdown- just (March 2020)


G and T time with Ruth (Easter 2019)


Rakia while camping (Glastonbury Festival 2017)


Drinking at a beach bar (Spain 2017)


Beer while camping (Wickham Festival 2017)


Durdle Door with Jono and Mark (2017 I think)


Digger and Chris


POB (Port in a Bottle) (End of the Road Festival 2016)


Artisan beer (southern France 2016)


Sampling wine at a Bodega (Argentina 2015)


Its still possible to take Self-Photos after a “hard day” up the mountains!


Sally, Angieharrold (no I mean Angharad) and Digger out of the town in a cricket pavillion in Herefordshire (really!). (Lyonshall 2004)


I think this was a town called Bru. You can buy warm alcoholic drinks on the streets (Czech Republic 2003)


Self-photography after drinking lots of Rakia in the afternoon heat of Bulgaria is not easy. Oh yes it is!! (Bulgaria 2001)