Swim the Door 14


Swim the Door 2014 took place over the weekend of 7th June.

Huge thanks to everyone who attended and even more thanks to those who swam.


Details and awards to follow over coming days, but here’s the group photo. NOTE 1. the rescue canoe already in position. NOTE 2. the absence of Louise in the photo despite her partner Richard taking the photo. NOTE 3. the extra person on the left not with us (but you are most welcome next year as, for no good reason, we want to get to 50 swimmers!!)


Chloe (first ever STD and entry in this years artwork competition), Digger (STD), Emily (non-chicken pox STD and entry in this years artwork competition), Graham (STD and regular winner of the casual swim award),  Helen (STD veteran and never wears a wetsuit- say no more, respect!),  James (no attendance this year but entered for “best football-linked excuse” award), Jess (first ever STD and first ever recorded Huddersfield Town fan to do it), Jono (STD and entered for the “most improved” swimmer award), Jonney C (STD veteran, attendee at early bird Friday swim but now wears a wet suit even though it “gets warmer every year”!), Julia (STD veteran and mother of STD child), Julian (many STD and first ever recorded Bradford City fan to do it), Lorna (looked a natural, got very wet, but didn’t leave the shore), Louise (STD and missing from the group photo as “too keen to get it over with”), Lucy (STD and brought “new blood in the form of Jess“), Luke (no official STD but according to his mother “did it when he was minus 6 months”- legal case pending), Mark P (no STD but manned the rescue canoe all of Saturday- hero!), Mark (STD and of the 2009 incident which we promised not to mention again -oops!!), Maya (we are beginning to lose count of the number of STDs so must be a veteran now and probably the youngest ever- respect!),  Richard (no STD but official group photographer), Russell (STD veteran without wetsuit, respect), Rog (many STD and although wears a wet suit a bit too often was seen in “skins” at one point), Sandra (STD veteran, mother of STD child and CPK co-coordinator), Sarah (many STD and surely mother of prospective STD children?), Taran (first ever STD- respect), Teresa (many STD and despite wearing a wetsuit close to veteran status), Zoe (STD veteran and even mother of two STD children- what happened to the old screaming Zoe? Oh entered for the best screaming in an inflatable canoe on the sea competition!).



  • Thursday 5th June- “early bird” event for the hardcore. First swim scheduled for 4pm. Castle Pub (West Lulworth) in evening, followed by party in Jonos tent till late.
  • Friday 6th June- daytime trip to Tyneham deserted village (postponed due to MOD, but replaced by walk from Bronze Age burial mound to cold war bunker via swim). “Test the conditions” swim c. 4.30pm. Meet n greet n drink in Harrys Bar
  • Saturday 7th June- breakfast in the bar, afternoon on the beach and barbee in evening
  • Sunday 8th June- swims in afternoon for the hardcore (or drinking tea away from the beach for others)
  • Monday 9th June- “final” swim and depart