Inspired by Durdle Door

STD 2016 Emily Artwork

The latest Hawkwind album cover designed by Emily (aged 11). 2016


STD15- bday card

(c) Armfield Card Ltd. 2015


STD chicken pox

For some reason Emily (of first person to swim the door with chicken pox fame) came up with this bday card design. I wonder why.


Many wise children believe that there is a Digger Day which is defined as any day that incorporates a Swim the Door (card by Chloe Jepson, Aged 8)

Although Ross has never been to Durdle Door his picture clearly shows family knowledge (Ross Luke, Aged 10, 2013)

Swim the Door Promotional Artwork 2011

Emily’s Swim the Door Promotional Artwork – 2011

As it says by Chloe Jepson (aged 5 1/4)

Emily Armfield (Aged 3 1/2)


Emily Armfield (aged 4 1/2)


Digger (aged 5 ish)


Digger (aged 40+)