Swim the Door in PREHISTORY (as in pre the “groups” from 2005)

2004 (June): Russell, Julia and Digger


2004 (June): Cool Hand Luke


2003 (June): Digger, Russell and JT


2003 (June): Russell and Digger


2001 (June): JT and Digger


2000 (April): Ron picked “ideal” conditions for his first Swim the Door!!


2000 (January): The shame. Digger caught wearing a wetsuit. Well it is the 1st January for the history making first ever Swim the Door of the new millennium.


2000 (January): And here is that moment captured


1998 (June):


1997 (June): Possibly the earliest photo of a Swim The Door. Can you spot the Digger blob under The Door?


1997 (June): Can you spot anyone in the water?.