Swim the Door in PREHISTORY (as in, swims before 2005)

As difficult as it is to believe, there was a time when “Swim The Door” was not a fixed annual event! Before the big group swims (and that Bollywood film featuring The Door), many friends couldn’t resist the warm tropical waters that must have existed then (as there are not many wet suits visible in these photos).

2004 (June): Russell, Julia and Digger


2004 (June): Cool Hand Luke


2003 (June): Digger, Russell and JT


2003 (June): Russell and Digger


2001 (June): JT and Digger


2000 (April): Ron picked “ideal” conditions for his first Swim the Door!!


2000 (January): The shame. Digger caught wearing a wetsuit. Well it is the 1st January for the history making first ever Swim the Door of the new millennium.


2000 (January): And here is that moment captured


1998 (June):


1997 (June): Possibly the earliest photo of a Swim The Door. Can you spot the Digger blob under The Door?


1997 (June): Can you spot anyone in the water?.