Swim the Door 05

The First Big One

In 2005 Digger was to reach a “significant” age so (for no good reason) he thought it would be nice to get 40 people to “Swim the Door” during his birthday week*.


Swims were held daily between 4th and 12th June 2005. The intention was to “STD” at 11am everyday. Unfortunately the recovery process from the “night before” led to some “swims” being considerably late in the afternoon so apologies to anyone who missed us. Saturday 11th was the “Big One” i.e the main World Record attempt*

Who on earth attended?

Swimmers from all walks of life attended including accountants, archaeologists, business people, chemists, charity workers, chaplains, community workers, computer people, doctors, language translators, geologists, housewives, mechanics, nurses, physicists, students, solicitors, travellers, lecturers and even a person who sells tea at Anfield.

Where did people come from?

Swimmers flew in specially from the continent (Christiane), the Scilly Isles (Mark and Helen), the Far East (Chris and Sandra) and even Austrailia (due to difficulties with her visa, like she doesn’t have one, “Swimming Lizzy” was able to attend the event).

STD05 Role of Honour

Here we go

Digger (Sa to Su), Richard (Sa), Dan E (Sa & Su), Russell (Sa & Tu), Rolfe (Su), Jo L (Mo), Dan L (Mo), Julia (Tu), Lorraine (Tu), Graham A (Tu & Th), Sandra A (Tu & Th), Neil (Tu & B1), Sandra B (We & B1), Chris S (Th & B1), Zoe (Th & B1), Lizzy (Th & B1), Kev (Fr), Jen (Fr), Christiane (Th, B1 & Su), Sarah (Fr), Greg (Fr), Emily (Fr), Megan (Fr), Hanna (Fr), Jes (Fr), Mike T (B1), Roger (B1), Dave (Fr, B1 & Sun), Helen (B1), Mark P (B1), Ron (B1), Pete (B1), Graham (B1), David G (B1), Rosemary (B1), Bethany (B1), Joscelyn (B1), Matt (B1), Catherine (B1), Alison (B1), Pamela (B1), Johnny (B1 & Su), Rog (B1 & Su),

STD05 Awards

Rolfe, Dan Earthquake, Digger and JT

Best Suppliers of Champagne

Champagne in ice…

Lorraine, Julia and Russell

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Best Attempt at Drowning


In rough conditions on the first Saturday Rolfe changed his mind about going through The Door and swam back against the current. On reaching Rolfe Digger observed “he was on his back and very very white, but he was floating and I know he was probably ok”

Longest Time to Get in the Water


The time of 3 hours and 20 minutes to get into a swimming position in the sea is an “official” world record.

Most Casual Swimming Technique


Floating on ones back occasionally kicking ones legs is not a technique used in the Olympics (yet!!)

Keep following the umbrella

Best Carrying of an Umbrella

Dan Earthquake

Furthest Distance Travelled to STD

Lizzy (Aus)

Chris and Sandra (Asia)

Christiane (Germany)

Person Who Brought Most Swimmers

David Gallico (+ 4)

Dan Earthquake (+ 2)

Alison Lievsley (+ 2)

Youngest Person to STD

Joscelyn Wooding (12)

Megan Smith (13) but assisted swim

Emily Smith & Dan Letoch (both 13) but assisted swims

Diary of a Swim the Door Addict

(aged between 39 years 360 days AND 40 years 5 days)

Saturday 4th June – The Stormy One

Attendees: Digger, Julia, Russell, Lorraine, JT, Rolfe, Di, Andrew, Harry, Richard, Isla, Ross, Mum Luke, Brian, Mike T, Ciorstaidh T and guest starring “Dan & Mrs Earthquake”.

Swimmers: Digger, Russell, Richard and “Dan Earthquake”. Rolfes swim was aborted for Health and Safety reasons.

Sunday 5th June – The Less Stormy One

Attendees: Digger, Rolfe, JT, Jo, Dan, Toby, Brian and Dan & Mrs Earthquake. I haven’t included the AA Rescue Man who attended Jo’s car because he claimed to have forgotten his trunks!

Swimmers: Digger, “Dan Earthquake” and Rolfe. JT swim aborted due to the “cold and rain”.

Monday 6th June – The Calmer One

Attendees: Digger, Jo, Dan and Toby.

Swimmers: Digger, Jo and Dan (aged 15).

Tuesday 7th June – The Birthday One

Attendees: Digger, Julia, Russell, Lorraine, Sandra A, Graham A and Emily A.

Swimmers: Digger, Julia, Russell, Lorraine, Sandra A, Graham A and a bottle of champagne.

Wednesday 8th June – The Delicate One

Attendees: Digger, Sandra A, Graham A, Emily A, Neil, Sandra and Chris.

Swimmers: (a very delicate) Digger and Sandra B.

Thursday 9th June – Another Calm One

Attendees: Digger, Sandra A, Graham A, Emily A, Neil, Dave, Chris and Christiane.

Swimmers: Digger, Sandra A, Graham A, Neil, Chris, Christiane and a small plastic dinosaur known as Dino.

Friday 10th June – Yet Another Calm One


Sarah officially becomes the “happiest” person to STD05

Attendees: Digger, Dave, Kev, Zoe, Maya, Taran, Sarah S, Greg S, Emily S, Megan S, Kieran S, Jen, Hanna and Jes.

Swimmers: Digger, Dave, Kev, Zoe, Lizzy, Sarah S, Greg S, Emily S (aged 13), Megan S (who at age 12 becomes the youngest person ever to STD05), Jen, Hanna and Jes.

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Saturday 11th June – The Big One

Attendees: Digger, Julia, Russell, Mike T, Ciorstaidh T, Neil, Chris, Sandra B, Christiane, Zoe, Roger, Maya, Tarun, Lizzy, Dave S, Wendy, Helen, Mark P, Ron, Syann, Rog, Johnny C, Pete, Dawn, Elizabeth, Michael, Carol, Graham, David G, Rosemary W, Bethany W, Joscelyn W, Matt S, Sian, Nathan, Cath, Catherine, Alison, Pamela

Swimmers: Digger, Mike T, Neil, Chris, Sandra B, Christiane, Zoe, Roger, Lizzy, Dave S, Helen, Mark P, Ron, Rog, Johnny C, Pete, Graham, David G, Rosemary W, Bethany W, Joscelin W (who aged 13 becomes the youngest person ever to STD05 without a lifejacket), Matt S, Catherine, Alison and Pamela. Unfortunately Carol did not make it through The Door on this occasion, but she did lead the pack of inflatable animals for a while (probably in an attempt to get warm!).

The congo of STD05 swimmers is led towards The Door by a group of inflatable animals. (Photo by Julian Fells)
Blimey, they have done it…………….. (Photo by Julian Fells)


Sunday 12th June – The One for People who Didn’t Want to Leave

Attendees: Digger, Christiane, Dave S, Wendy, Ron, Rog, Johnny C,

Swimmers: Digger, Christiane, Dave S, Rog and Johnny C. Unfortunately although Wendy did get in the water she was 100m short of The Door.

Following the huge success of the event (STD05), Swim the Door has been repeated every year since. Pages celebrating those swims are available from the Swim the Door menu above.

*Important Disclaimer

Every effort has been made in the preparation of this document to provide as accurate information as possible. All statements and opinions are offered in good faith. The author cannot accept any responsibility for errors resulting from data supplied by a third party or the influence of alcohol or even the onset of old age. Therefore the author will not be liable for any loss of life or injury (however hideous) arising from decisions or actions made upon the basis of this document.

NOTE: Seriously now, like all open water swimming and life in general, there are dangers involved in this activity. If you are not an experenced and confident swimmer use to sea water conditions in Britain you would be stupid to try to STD.