Swim the Door 06

The Next One


Swims were held at 5pm on Friday 9th June, midday on Saturday 10th June (pre World Cup Footy) and midday on Sunday 11th June 2006. *

Who on earth attended?

Swimmers from all walks of life attended including accountants, archaeologists, business people, community workers, computer people, geologists, housewives, mechanics, nurses, physicists, probation officers, rights of way officers, students, solicitors and even a person who still sells tea at Anfield.

Where did people come from?

Swimmers attended from Anfield (Dave S), Rugby (David G), Bedfordshire (Zoe, Helen, Mark, Christiane, Digger), Buckinghamshire (Jonny C), London (JT, Ron, Syann, Jono, Diane, Alison), Woking (Sandra and Graham), Petersfield (Diana and Andrew), AND Dorset itself (Julia and Russell).

STD06 Role of Honour

Alex (Sat. 1x canoe assist), Alison (Sat. 3x STD), Annette (Sun. 1x STD), Christiane (Sat & Sun. 6 x STD), Dave S (Fri & Sat. 2x STD), David G (Fri, Sat & Sun. 4 x STD), Diana (Sat. 1x STD), Digger (Fri, Sa & Su. 12x STD), Graham (Sat. 1x STD), Harry (Sat. 1x canoe assist STD), Heidi (Sat. 1x canoe assist), Helen (Sun. 2x STD + canoe assists), Johnny (Sat. 1x STD), Joscelyn (Sat. 1x STD), JT (Sat & Sun. 5x STD), Julia (Sun. 3x STD), Lew (Sat. 1x STD), Mark (Sun. 2x STD + canoe assists), Neil W (Sat. 1x STD), Pamela (Sat. 1x STD), Rob (Sat. 1x STD), Rog (Sat. 1x STD), Ron (Sat. 1x STD), Russel (Sun. 3x STD), Sandra (Sat. 1x STD), Syann (Sat. 1x STD), Zoe (Fri. 1x STD)

STD06 Awards

Best Pullers Of Inflatable Animals (not forgetting spiderman)

Ron, Syann and Christiane

Most Improved Swimmer Award


Last year he failed to Swim the Door (admittedly the sea was rough on the first weekend), but this year he achieved 5 swims.

Most Improved Swimmer One Day And Least Improved The Next Day Award


Best Canoe Use As Support Craft

Mark and Helen

Best Supplier Of Marrow Whisky

Julia and Russells next door neighbour

Best Use Of Public Transport To Get To Std

David Gallico

Diary of a Swim the Door Addict

(aged between 41 years 2 days and 41 years 4 days)

Friday 9th June

Attendees: Digger, Dave S, Dave G and Zoe

Swimmers: Digger, Dave S, Dave G and Zoe

Saturday 10th June

Attendees: Digger, Christiane, Diana, Andrew, Harry, Jono, Diane, Alex, Heidi, Zoe, Maya, Tarun, Sandra, Graham, Emily, Dave S, Helen, Mark P, Ron, Syann, Ella, Rog, Johnny C, David G, Rosemary W, Neil W, Joscelyn W, Alison L, Pamela L, Lew L, Rob.

Swimmers: Digger, Christiane, Diana, Harry (canoe assist), Alex (canoe assist), Heidi (canoe assist) Sandra, Graham, Dave S, Helen, Mark P, Ron, Syann, Rog, Johnny C, David G, Rosemary W, Neil W, Joscelyn W, Alison L, Pamela L, Lew L, Rob.

Sunday 11th June

Attendees: Digger, Christiane, Jono, Diane, Alex, Heidi, Sandra, Graham, Emily, Helen, Mark P, David G, Nan, Dave, Rog, Annette, Julia, Russell, Chloe.

Swimmers: Digger, Christiane, Alex (canoe assist), Heidi (canoe assist), Sandra, Graham, Emily, Helen, Mark P, David G, Rog, Annette, Julia, Russell.


*Important Disclaimer

Every effort has been made in the preparation of this document to provide as accurate information as possible. All statements and opinions are offered in good faith. The author cannot accept any responsibility for errors resulting from data supplied by a third party or the influence of alcohol or even the onset of old age. Therefore the author will not be liable for any loss of life or injury (however hideous) arising from decisions or actions made upon the basis of this document.

NOTE: Seriously now, like all open water swimming and life in general, there are dangers involved in this activity. If you are not an experenced and confident swimmer use to sea water conditions in Britain you would be stupid to try to STD.