Swim the Door 09

The One with the Incident


Swims were held on Friday 5th (c. 5pm), Saturday 6th (from 1pm until the “incident”) and Sunday 7th (from 1pm until 6pm.

Conditions This Year

Weather and sea conditions were more challenging than many of the previous STD years. These resulted in a low number of swimmers attempting STD this year and probably combined to result in the “incident”. Ironically, there were reports of sunshine and flat seas before everyone arrived and after everyone left (inf. Digger pers. comm.).

Who on earth attended?

Attendess came from Bedfordshire (Zoe, Mark, Taran, Maya, Helen, Mark, Christiane & Digger), Buckinghamshire (Jonny C), Leicestershire (Jo, Toby, Danny), Plymouth (Collette), London (JT, Jono, Diane, Alex, Heidi, Phil), Brighton (Ron, Syann, Ella, Megan, Justin), Oxford (Rog), Woking (Sandra, Graham & Emily), Kent (Tasha), Petersfield (Diana, Andrew & Harry), Guildford (Rolfe), Dorset (Julia, Russell, Chloe, Mike, Ciorstaidh, Alex) and various rescue services.

STD09 Role of Honour

Due to the “incident” the Role of Honour this year is dedicated to the various people who helped:

Mark (Phillips)- for operating the rescue canoe with great skill

Diana (Jepson)- for putting her nursing skills into action

Julia (Jepson)- for suggesting it was time to call 999

NHS first response team- for a very quick response time

Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance- for bringing a doctor to the scene

NHS Ambulances- for attendance and taking Zoe to hospital

HM Coastguard- for turning up and taking Mark away

Jono (White)- for taxi service to/from Dorchester A&E

Neil- for emotional support for Zoe (and presumably Mark) at Dorchester A&E

Diane (White)- for looking after Zoe’s kids while she was in Dorchester Hospital with Mark

To everyone who decided not to attempt STD- although I know you will be disappointed this probably helped us when the “incident” happened

To everyone else- for staying calm and not getting in the way

The Swimmers

Digger (Fri, Sa & Su. 1abort xSTD on Sat due to “incident”), Jo (Sat 2x STD), Christiane (Sat 2x STD, Sun 2 x STD), Toby (Sat 1x STD), Dan (Sat 1x STD), Collette (Sat 1abort STD), Helen (Sat. 1abort STD, Sun 1xSTD), Rolfe (Sat. 1abort STD), JT (Sat 1abort STD), Phil (Sun 1xSTD) and finally Mark Jones (Sat. 1major abort STD)

*Important Disclaimer

Every effort has been made in the preparation of this document to provide as accurate information as possible. All statements and opinions are offered in good faith. The author cannot accept any responsibility for errors resulting from data supplied by a third party or the influence of alcohol or even the onset of old age. Therefore the author will not be liable for any loss of life or injury (however hideous) arising from decisions or actions made upon the basis of this document.

NOTE: Seriously now, like all open water swimming and life in general, there are dangers involved in this activity. If you are not an experenced and confident swimmer use to sea water conditions in Britain you would be stupid to try to STD.