Swim the Door 12

The wet, wet, wet, stormy, stormy, stormy, with a dry saturday one


Friday 8th (no swimming), Saturday 9th (some swimming but not through The Door) and Sunday 10th June (heroic Swim the Door by superheroe’s to keep the tradition alive- just).

STD12 “Role of honour”

Barny (no STD but in training for first wolf to STD), Chloe (no STD but entered the artwork competition), Ciorstaidh (no STD but camped!),  Digger (gutted to say only Sun STD), Emily (no STD but entered the artwork competition), Esmie (no STD but cured of fear of dogs- sort of), Graham (no STD but did create the website),  Helen (Sat swim and Sun STD without wetsuit- respect!),  James (no STD but did come along way), Jono (no STD but brought sick note), Jonney C (Sat swim and Sun STD without wetsuit- respect!), Julia (no STD), Louise (no STD or swim- whats going on?), Lucy (no STD despite coming a very long way), Luke (no STD but did it when he was minus 6months), Mark P (no STD and conditions too rough for rescue canoe), Mark (of the 2009 incident-no comment), Maya (Sun STD, her second unassisted, respect!), Mike ( no STD), Rebecca (Sun STD), Richard (no STD but I’m sure he promised to get in training for next year), Russell (no STD but did get back from Isle of Man in time to attend), Saffron (no STD but looked keen and its her first year), Sandra (no STD and CPK co-coordinator), Taran (no STD but surely a prospect of the future), Teresa (Sat swim), Toby (no STD but told us about some good drinking games), Zoe (Sun pathetic “swim”, heroic and unexpect Sun STD).


(While every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of the awards the judges would like to point out that, at least one of them, was under the influence of COOP Stong Brown Ale at the time so there may be some errors. The decision of the judges is final (but they can be bought with a packet of Twiglets or Womble merchandise!)

“Best” We have an England tent AWARD

AND THE WINNER IS…Zoe (although she only bought it because it was cheap)

“Best” Are we really meant to go in there AWARD

AND THE WINNERS ARE…Zoe, Safrron, Maya and Mark look on with “excitement” and “joy”. (Photo by Mark P.)

“Best” Better join them I suppose AWARD

AND THE WINNERS ARE… Maya. While Helen, Zoe and Mark look on (but at least they got this close!)

 “Best” If I pretend I am asleep perhaps I won’t have to swim AWARD

AND THE WINNER IS… Jono (claimed he needed to save himself for the London-Brighton bike ride)

“Best” We are still not too sure AWARD

AND THE WINNERS ARE… Helen (running for dry land), Saffron (needs Zoe to stand inbetween her and the sea to stop her coming in!

“Best” Synchronised swim AWARD

AND THE WINNERS ARE… Digger, purple surf board, Maya, Rebecca, Helen, Zoe.

“Best” Unsynchronised swim AWARD

AND THE WINNERS ARE…Maya, Rebecca, Helen and Zoe (although they are forming a nice arc!!)

“Best” Non wet suit AWARD

AND THE WINNERS ARE… Jonney C and Digger (Helen also a winner of same category)

“Best” Like mother like daughter (not) AWARD

AND THE WINNERS ARE… Maya (in water), Zoe (not in water)

“Best” You have left a few people behind AWARD

AND THE WINNERS ARE… Rebecca and Maya

“Best” Heroic swim by a small band of superheroes to keep the STD  tradition alive AWARD

AND THE WINNERS ARE… Zoe, Rebecca, Helen and Digger (Maya and Jonny C not in photo)

“Best” HANG ON, did you say Zoe Swam the Door AWARD

AND THE WINNER IS… ErrHUH. Zoe?! (The bookies lost millions on this day!)

“Best” I would really like to go and do it but my Mum says ‘NO’ AWARD


“Best” Thats not Durdle Door cheating swim AWARD

AND THE WINNERS ARE… Teresa, Helen and Digger (who appear to be in the “med”)

“Best” Thats not fair to wear all that safety equipment AWARD

AND THE WINNERS ARE… Who knows but they didn’t manage to STD

“Best” It gets warmer and warmer every year AWARD

AND THE WINNER IS….Digger (with Marks hot water bottle!!)

“BEST” People who will help me fix this website when I do something

 wrong AWARD

AND THE WINNERS ARE… Graham and Sandra (my years running!!)