Swim the Door 13

Role of honour

We attended, we swam, we drank and we had SUNSHINE. Here is the Saturday STD group photo (can you spot Mac Digger?)

Chloe (no STD but entered the artwork competition), Digger (STD), Emily (STD award-see below), Graham (STD award: casual swim),  Helen (STD veteran and without wetsuit- respect!),  James (no STD but did come along way), Jono (no STD but did man the rescue canoe), Jonney C (STD veteran without wetsuit- respect!), Julia (STD veteran without wetsuit-respect!), Louise (STD), Lucy (no STD despite coming a very long way), Luke (no STD but did it when he was minus 6 months), Mark P (no STD but manned the rescue canoe all of Saturday), Mark (of the 2009 incident-STD- no comment), Maya (STD, her third unassisted, nearly a veteran, respect!), Mike (no STD), Rebecca (STD, must learn to do it with everyone else!), Richard (no STD but supplier of barbee, respect!), Russell (STD veteran without wetsuit, respect), Saffron (no show), Sandra (STD veteran and CPK co-coordinator), Steve (a STD virgin till this year!), Taran (no STD but surely a prospect of the future), Teresa (STD, despite wearing a wetsuite working towards veteran status), Zoe (STD award- most improved- difficult to believe).

The start: hang on is that Zoe in the water already?!!


(While every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of the awards the judges would like to point out that, at least one of them, was under the influence of COOP Stong Brown Ale at the time so there may be some errors. The decision of the judges is final (but they can be bought with a packet of Twiglets or Womble merchandise!)

“Best” Never Say Die attitude AWARD

Mark. Hang on. Who let him in the water?!!


“Best” I’ve come along way and there is no-way I will miss an STD this year AWARD



“Best” It just gets warmer and warmer every year AWARD

Russell. A true veteran who has been STD almost as long as Digger (thought I should point this out as this photo may not give this impression)


“Best” Most improved/best smile in sea/warmer than last year AWARD

Zoe. We are not quite sure how this happened as she has won “biggest wimp” award for the last 7 years!

“Best” Soon to be youngest veteran AWARD

Maya. Under regulation 7.06 of the STD code of practice Maya has to do just one more consequative STD to become the youngest ever veteran


“Best” Youngest person in the world ever to STD AWARD

Emily. Aged 8. Way to go! Also entered for the first person to STD with chicken pox!


“Best” Attendance of mid-way team talk AWARD

Graham, Rog and possibly ?Tracy


“Best” Under the Door AWARD

Steve, Russell and can that really be Zoe (winning another award)


“Best” STD virgin/newcomer AWARD

Steve. (Hang on is that Zoe still in the water?)


“Best” Return to veteran status AWARD

Jonny C. He’s back (with a smile!)


“Best” I’m not going in there AWARD

Jono. I sometimes get the impression he just comes for the drinking!


“Best” Rescue canoe AWARD

Mark P and Helen.


“Best” I’m married to a lebanese woman and I can’t quite believe there is an I Love Lebanon beach towel at this event AWARD

Steve. For anyone from Lebanon looking at this Digger would like to point out that its his beach towell and that he would very much like to go back sometime to pick up the matching baseball hat, trunks, t-shirt etc!


“Best” Barbee award AWARD

Richard. A very proud barbee owner. (In the interests of fair play I should point out that an hour before this photo was taken there were over 20 people using the barbee)



Which Swim the Door was it?

A rough one?

Swim the Door weekend 2012- Saturday


A calm one?

Swim the Door weekend 2012- Sunday

Well STD13 was glorious

Back to its best……………….. cu next year?