Swim the Door (20)18


They think its all over …………. it is now (until next year)



Attendees (Saturday)


Saturday attendees (who were on the beach at 2pm). Hang on isn’t there someone missing?


Saturday attendees with “the kilted wigged man”

BACK ROW: Louise, Jono, Zoe, Ron, Johnny, Graham, Julian, Teresa, Sandra

FRONT ROW (the young un’s): Mark, Digger, Sophie, Lucy, Daisy, Emily, Unicorn


STILL ON A31: Daryl and Jan


The Big (Saturday) Swim

And (with minimal screaming and fuss) they are off……. but not all have their hands in the water


Hands mainly under the water now and getting in formation


Almost in formation (just look at that straight line from Graham (in blue) to Julian (in the distance).


Of course, safety is paramount, and here is the proof. No, not the purple boogie board but the red n white wig which is known to act, when wet, as a beacon for passing coastguard helicopters.


Still in formation as we go “round the back”


Here is the moment that Sophie will be proud of all her life- yes, her first Swim of the Door


Here is the moment that, despite nearly being washed on the rocks, Emily is still maintaining a smile


Here is the moment that a “mystery man” is about to do his first Swim the Door. No silly, not Digger but the chap behind.
The main formation passes under The Door


Smiles al round as another Swim the Door is achieved


The Sunday Swim

Some of the Sunday swimmers: Graham, Julia, Chloe and Lorraine (in the distance)


If you look closely at this photo you will see a Lewiston pupil with her tongue sticking out


And a few more “swimming” photos

Although due to health reasons Sandra was unable to do this swim this year she is proud to announce that her wet suit did Swim the Door


Each year we are joined by mystery people. Here is this years mystery man (Daniel Craig?)


Here is this years mystery woman (Ursula Undress?)


Barbee time


When its comes to barbee’s, it appears that even at the Door “boys will be boys”


“What goes on after the swim stays at the Door” (unless there is photographic proof)



Light but blurred. Not sure why


Burn baby (well Absinth actually) Burn.




Light but blurred


Ohh, that’s bright.

Drinking collection

Boys will be Boys. Crabs will be Crabs.


Bollinger (supplied by Lorraine)



Hmm. Champagne. We are more use to these sorts of drinks


Ceiling groupie

(more difficult than you would think after alcohol)







Huge thanks to everyone for attending this years Swim the Door and making it yet another special weekend.