Swim the Door (20)19

Forget March 29th….. (and April 12th….. October 31st) which some people seem to think are important dates in 2019, as the only ones you really should remember is June 7th-10th for this years Swim the Door…………..


BACK ROW: Unknown toddler, Deby, Courtney, Zoe, SLC, Mark, Russell, Graham, Sandra, Ron, Richard, Louise.

FRONT ROW:  Daryl, Jono, Julia, Chloe, Luke, Emily, Daisy, Jan.



STILL ON WAY (or lost): Lorna


Spot the difference competition


The “big” swim

The start


Nearly everyone in (Note. the boats on the left are not the “official” rescue crafts)


Everyone in (bar Luke and his inflatable)


Going well


The main group of swimmers


The Door is in sight


The first swimmers start the anti-clockwise movement


Hurrah. The first swimmers are about to come through The Door


Traditional pose under the door (with unknown persons leg)


On the way back


The swimmers

Chloe and Emily (also known as “the children of the door”)


Digger (also known as “father of the Door”)


Luke (Godchild of the “father of the Door”)


Russell (a “Dorset-based veteran of STD” as demonstrated by this action photo)


Emily (as known as “The smiley young veteran”)


Mark and Zoe (also known as the “Dancers of the Door”)


Ron and Jono in synchronised breathing mode


Sandra and Zoe (also known as “adult smileys of the Door”)


Zoe (with this years rescue craft)


Maya (SLC), Courtney and Deby (also known as “Spoon Girls of the Door”)


Spoon Girls minus one


This photo is believed to show the first Spoon ever to Swim the Door


Non-swimming activities

Traditional smokey barbee


Zoe in charge of circulating the smoke


People pointing at food supplied by Helen (queen of the barbee food and much missed over the last three years)


Gin O’Clock


Candle/firework O’Clock


Burning alcohol O’Clock


Other swims

The swimmers at Lulworth (not how far JC has got before anyone else enters the water)


Lulworth Cove swimmers- Mark, JC and Digger


Lulworth Cover swimmers- Chloe, Emily, Mark and Digger


Swim and beach near Tynham





All details subject to change and inaccuracies due to old age or because that’s the way it is. See T&C for further details.