Swim the Door 20(23)


The gang. With, at least, one dog, looking at the camera
The gang, with no dogs looking at the camera!!


Andrew, Di, Jonney C, Digger, Zoe, Taran, Mark, Sandra, Jono, Graham, Maya, Emily, Neve, 3 mystery blokes, 3 dogs and one mayor……….

Training underway. In how to look at the camera


  • 9th to 12th June 2023 (post A-levels for some veterans, well,  quite alot of us actually!)
They are off, but it turns out that not all dogs like water!


  • 9th: “Early bird swim” c. 5pm, low attendance (even Digger didn’t make it)
  • 10th: The “big swim” 2pm overcast. Everyone that got in the water, swam the door and, probably more importantly got out of the water at the end!
Hang on, where is Digger………..
Here is STDs equivalent of David Hasselhoff…… or not!!


  • 11th: “Top up” overcast swims including Man O War
  • 12th: Extra “top up” sunny swims.