JULY: It must be the Lake District

Sophia, Nasreen, Tahira, Danyai and Digger enjoy another weekend camping in the Lakes.

JULY: It must be North Devon

No not a Lowry painting but Woolacombe is one of the longest beaches in England (its also good for surfing, sometimes!!).

A small band of dedicated surfers spent a weekend here.

But one of the nicest place for a sea swim in the area is actually Rockham Bay (can you spot the swimmer in this photo?)

JULY: It must be Yorkshire

After the Deer Shed festival (very nice indeed) a cultural day was spent exploring the sites of North Yorkshire. However, the best photo was taken by Gabriel Smyth (and an auto-timer photo at that!!)

JULY: It must be Staffordshire

Why, I hear you ask did the gang assemble in Staffordshire? Have you turned into train spotters?

No. It was Neil’s birthday and therefore his choice.

We are clearly all a year older as it was exhausting!

But there was a swim! And it was near a pub!

(GO TO the Wild Swim page to find details)

JUNE: It must be Glastonbury

Forty years old and still going strong (and thats just Digger!).

Just like all of us?!

Ooh, weren’t you two here in 1984?!

MAY: It must be the Lake District

Langdale is probably one of my favourite places in the lakes.

Its great for walking whether you are small.

Or slightly older!

Its great for camping (although can rain!)

Its great for Lakes (and the inevitable swimming)!

APRIL: It must be Sharnbrook Summit!

Mountain biking in Bedfordshire (you did know that there were “mountains” in Bedfordshire didn’t you?!!).

MARCH: It must be the Isle of Skye

The Cullin Hills are spectacular at the best of times, but in snow……………..

Sunset over Talisker Bay (which is not as close to the distillery as once might think).

The setting was magical with the sea on one side and the Cuillins on the other, but it was a bit cold.

However, with bellies filled with whiskey it felt like a boys night out on the town!

FEBRUARY: Its must be Manchester

Tahira, Sophia, strange bearded man and digger.

JANUARY: It must be Leeds

Despite the snowy conditions the (once) mighty Wycombe Wanderers visited Elland Road, Leeds, for the first (and possibly the last time) ever!!