JULY: It must be The Peaks

Digger in The Peaks. Not Haiti as the t-shirt might suggest.

We were there to celebrate Neils birthday.

And yes, there was somewhere to swim (see more photos on “New Swims” page.


JUNE: It must be Glastonbury

 (err. no you didn’t get a ticket but you did go to JT-bury)

Digger, Natijia and JT at Queensbury Festival (other wise known as JT-fest).


MAY: It must be the Lake District!

Camping in Great Langdale with Tahira, Sophia and Sanjay

Ok. No point pretending we are caving as you will notice my “head torch” is actually the WWFC logo on my had. This photo was taken by Sophia (Aged 5 and half). Respect.

“I spy a lake” (Blea Tarn infact- a regular swim spot recorded in the England Swim Gazeteer).


APRIL: It must be Castleton!

Isla also celebrated a “big” birthday. What a cake!!


APRIL: It must be the Peak District (what again?!)

Sandra’s “big” birthday was celebrated on the same day as “the mighty” Wycombe Wanderers got promoted (hence why everyone looks happy)


APRIL: It must be Manchester!

Digger was trusted to build a trampoline. He didn’t trust his handywork enough to go on it but Sophia did!


MARCH: It must be the Peak District (again)

Neil taking Digger on a “training walk” ahead of his Scottish holiday


JANUARY: It must be the Peak District

You can tell Digger is an archaeologist, look what he’s found now!

Digger finds a river, but the disappointment on his face indicates that its too shallow to swim in!


JANUARY: It must be Surbitan!

Jono and Digger on mountain bikes near Hampton Court.