Derbyshire (November)


Beer in the Beer tent (well, what did you expect) in Bolsover village


Donkeys near Hardwick Hall. Now, don’t be rude I mean the two in the middle!


Horse riding in Bolsover Castle


Bolsover Castle- not our accommodation


Mam Tor is in sight, well, a sign for it anyway.


Lancashire Hills (November)


Yorkshire (September)

Somewhere east of York


EOTR Festival (September)

Can you guess what EOTR stands for?


But aren’t festivals always really wet with strange people attending? No comment.


Wickham Festival (August)

Despite drinking a litre of port each these “handsome” festival goers still managed to find the beer tent on the first night………..


Lakes (July)

WOW. What scenery. What a place for walking. And (of course) what a place for swimming.


A beautiful photo of Thirlmere by Sophia


What would have been another beautiful photo by Sophia if it wasn’t for an unnamed individual (apparently with no teeth!)


Low-level walking in the Langdales


High-level walking on top of Hevellyn. I’m scared. Where is my support team?


Neil (new version), Sophia, Tahira and Digger



Swim spots added to gazetteer


And new swimmers……..


Glastonbury (June)

No sure why people think you don’t get much room to camp at Glastonbury. Look. There is loads of room (if you get someone to pitch your tents at 8am on the Wednesday morning). Thanks Ian


Cheers Pete for getting me a ticket.


Sharnbrook (May)

OK not really a weekend away although we did walk to a beer event in a nearby village

West Wycombe (May and match days before)

Stirling (April)

Ben Ledi is a great mountain, but it can be raining, snowing and windy


Many people don’t know that its was used in a new League of Gentlemen movie


Cleveland (March)

The Monroe of the Cleveland Hills (I mean the hill in the background not me). Note my woolly hat is shaped just like Roseberry Topping)


Now what’s the name of the hill? Also known as the Matterhorn of North Yorkshire?


Now what’s the name of that famous one club town in the North-East? Ah yes Hartlepool United.

Stirling (March)

Where was it you said that you went?


Training walk ahead of the Scottish Easter Holiday/Boot Camp



Yorkshire Dales (Feb)

The Yorkshire Dales are a National Park so you need a map and someone who likes looking at maps (note fitness instructor and map reader Neil in background)


We made it up to the “snow line” ie a small patch of snow protected behind a stone wall.


There always seemed to be signs like these at the starts of the walk and I didn’t understand why.


All became clear as my back and legs hurt, but fortunately there is a known Yorkshire liquid cure.



The Leicestershire Hills (Feb)


OK. OK. Its Leicestershire so not that hilly. Here are Chris (fitness instructor) and Digger on a “summit” in Bradgate Park

The Peaks (Jan)

WE17 Peaks ridge walk (IMG_0243)
View from Mam Tor towards “Win Hill”


WE17 Peaks Loose Hill (IMG_0247)
The view from “Loose Hill” ie none on a foggy day!


Manchester (Jan)

WE17- Burnage (IMG_0248)
Although this photo doesn’t capture it, there is an awful lot of active people at Burnage Rugby Football Club at 8.30am on a Saturday morning. I am not one of them!