Herefordshire (November)

Herefordshire. Nicer than you might think (and not to be confused with Hertfordshire!)


How Chris n Sandra managed to arrange for us to stay in this house I will never know………….because they didn’t.


This was the Gang outside Our House


The house hosted the “annual” Conker/Bonkers tournament.


Lakes (September)



Dorset (July)


Somerset (June)


Hathersage, Peaks (May)

The Gang in the pub (selfie by Chris)


Diggers first stay in a “Pod”. Its a dog friendly one hence the dog (which turned out to be rubbish as a guard dog during an attempted break-in)


Boys walking trip (on the flat)


Boys walking trip (on Stanage Edge)


Digger with “his bird”


The group swim in Hathersage (alternative) Lido for Sandra birthday. Details on New Swim Page


Stirling and the Trossachs, Scotland (March and April)


On the way up Ben Each


“Near the top” of Ben Each


Kippen Hills


White and Dark Peak (Feb)

Time for a career change?


Mines a pint. We think Chris took this photo but no-one can quite remember!


Mam Tor in the background


London (Jan)

London’s underground mini-tube (the mail train)
London’s underground river is below this road but can be heard. Sadly the man-hole is too small for me to get through to have a swim.


The Trossachs, Scotland (Jan)



Snow. Snow. Snow. Snow…………


The gang


The hill


On way up. It appears someone is ahead of us


On way down (hence the smiles- and why Steven appears to be “behind”)




Dark Peak (Jan)

Up on the ridge between Mam Tor and Loose Hill