In reverse order……..

Hardwick Hall- November

The Hardwick Hall gang


The Miners Monument


The Hall (somewhere)


Beverley- October

East Riding Festival of Words


Peaks- September

First visit to Mam Tor post-covid


Manchester- September

First Theatre visit post-Covid. There were other people there too. Honest


First visit to a wine bar post Covid


End of the Road- September

Hen Ogledd. To my surprise not welsh.


Arab Strap. To my surprise still going despite their 2005 farewell tour…


The gang (Molly, Ester, Jon, Ron, Richard, Alice and mystery lady from Sturminster behind my hat.


“A ‘typical’ British music summer festival”- August

You can’t beat a summer time music festival………..for mud!


Probably the best “folk rock” band in the world. Merry Hell


Survivors of the mud-fest.


“A ‘typical’ Stirlingshire summer”- July

Local residents Stephen and Ruth tell me that its always this hot at 6pm in the evening….


“Greta and me” (Winchester)- June

I was surprised and delighted that Greta wanted to take a Selfie with me in


“Boys will be Boys” (Rockbourne Roman Villa)- June


Don’t blame me. Blame the Romans…