Oast House (Herefordshire)

The gang on the Oast House lawn. Thanks to Chris n Sandra for organising the weekend and thanks to Ratty for making it extra special!!


While the ladies were in the pub the lad went for a wild time…… on a walk to a historic church. Boys know how to have fun!!


The “Silver Nissan Micra Club” of the UK held its annual meeting this weekend. There are only two members (Helen and Digger). Note. registration plates obscured for security reasons………


Workhouse festival (Mid Wales)

Digger and Sophia at festival (no I don’t know what they are doing either!)



Famous for its Llamas (apparently)


Infamous with WWFC fans. A very stressful day out!


A very stressful game and, ultimately, a legendary and great one!


WWFC won and a team from the Bristol area lost so we finished on the same points, but our goal difference was a few goals better than them so we stayed up (jammy and slightly ashamed!)