NEW Wild Swim Locations

What’s This Page About Digger?

The idea of this page was that for NEW “swim spots” I go to rather than update the Gazetteers every time ,  I’d put details and photos here and then gradually transfer them to the main swim pages. This worked find until March 2020………..


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Wild Swimming Season 2021

For obvious reasons, 2021 hasn’t started very well for travelling and finding new swim spots. And then there is the weather………………


Wild Swimming Season 2020

For obvious reasons, 2020 wasn’t very good for travelling and finding new swim spots………………


Wild swimming season 2020 did not go to plan


But there was some glorious weather.


And plenty of water in the rivers.


So plenty of swims were had, but not in “new spots” and always adhering to social distancing rules (here 300m from the nearest person (well possibly)


And here, obeying the “2m plus water lilies” social distancing rules.


No comment.


Once upon a time in pre-Covid days (2019)


This summer (well early April) I went swimming (in Loch na h-Oidhche)

this summer (no, it was definitely April), I might have drowned (but fortunately didn’t as there was a G&T waiting for me)

but I held my breath (not by choice but because it was a bit nippy)

and I kicked my feet (to try to keep warm)

and I moved my arms around (see above)

moved my arms around (see above)

(Loudon Wainwright III, Swimming Song)

Once upon a time in pre-Covid days (2018)

(Photo by Ruth. Modelling by Digger 007 and birds x 2)


All previous years “New Swim Spots” have now been added to the main pages by country/region/river/area