Dates for Swim the Door 2013 announced

The STD committee has held its traditional secret meeting in an undisclosed location (Diggers flat) and have fixed on the weekend of 7th to 9th June for this years meet.

Unfortunately, due to an ongoing row between the landowner, English Nature and Dorset County Council there is some doubt as to whether the steps down to the beach at Durdle Door will have been repaired. Therefore, we are giving advance notice that instead of inflatables, this year the essential accessories will be rope ladders, climbing gear and step ladders (to get over any barriers put in our way before we descend the cliff face). However, as Digger is scared of heights, he plans to swim from Weymouth (or Man-o-War bay)………

“Its nearly time for STD!!”

Excitement is building for “Swim the Door 12” this weekend. Rumours of a ‘special guest’ who wears a crown cannot be confirmed.  Although the weather forecasters have been trying their best to “dampen” (get it) our spirits I can confirm that Zoe will bring the spirit (get it) known as firewater and a big gazebo to protect the Barbee. Also where some people may describe weather conditions as a gale, others will describe the same conditions as “slightly challenging”. See you in the water!!

Dates fixed for Swim the Door 2012

Hi. After much deliberation the dates for this years Swim the Door weekend has now been fixed. Its Friday 8th to Sunday 10th. This means it falls at the end of the school holidays which is good for some people, but not for others. Also “official” caravan hires are only availble from Saturday 9th (fully booked up till then). However, the good news is that, at the moment there is plenty of camping space and, of course, the sea water will be warmer than last year! HOPE YOU CAN MAKE IT.

STD11 awards

Hi. Yes the prestigious STD11 awards have been released. After days of deliberation the secret committee (after it ran out of Port) decided to announce its decisions. These appear on the STD11 page and some “lucky” people are receiving “official documentation” through the post relating to their awards! Can life get much better!! If you are disappointed that you have not received an award then you need to submit your appeal application within 1 minute of this post going live (or of course you could just turn up next year!).

“We survived”

Thank you to everyone attended STD11 and making it special for me. I can confirm ‘I counted the swimmers out and counted you all back”. Therefore, I am (90%) certain that WE ALL SURVIVED! Photos to follow in next few days.

Four days and counting

Hope you have made most of the final weekend before Swim the Door 2011? It was a good opportunity to buy those new swim trunks/costumes you have always wanted and even, if you really think you need them, wetsuits!! I’ve even received some texts suggesting some people have had a cold bath to get use to the sea temperature! Silly, its bound to be warmer than last year. It always is!!!

Only 7 days to Swim the Door 2011

Only 7 days to STD11 and everything is looking good. Please start thinking about your preferred inflatable animal to accompany you on your STD. Also note that an “early early bird swim” has now been added for the Thursday evening arrivals (Jono says he has plenty of room in his tent that night- well I think thats what he said. Aiming for 4.30pm but depends what time I get away from work etc.

Swim the Door Reconnaissance

Checking the facilities.

To ensure the success of STD11 a reconnaissance trip took place on Sunday 15th May. This is the report from attendees: “Sea definately much warmer than last year” (Russell- age 49 and 1 day); “food and beer same prices as last year” (Julia- age unknown); “the kids play area is definately better than last year” (Chloe- age 5 years) “everything looks better than last year” (Digger- soon to be a year older).