Isle of Arran (2022 Easter)


The gang and holiday house

Neil, Roger, Judith, Martin, Ruth, Stephen, Kate, Simon, Digger



The holiday house

We could have stayed here, but it had an old and hostile resident….


Here he is…


Of course, this was the real holiday house


The stones

Machrie Moor Stone Circles is the collective name for six stone circles visible near the settlement of Machrie (and even better in the field behind the house we stayed in!)


Some of the stones are even older (and taller) than us

The geology

As a well known Geologist (in background) explains….”Hutton’s Unconformity is a name given to various notable geological sites in Scotland identified by the 18th-century Scottish geologist James Hutton as places where the junction between two types of rock formations can be seen. This geological phenomenon marks the location where rock formations created at different times and by different forces adjoin”.



The planning

IN BACKGROUND- It appears that not everyone is fully “engaged” in this daily planning meeting……


The walking

At least everyone is fully engaged this time…… or are they?


IN BACKGROUND- It appears that not everyone is fully “engaged” in the map reading discussions….


IN THE BACKGROUND. One individual can be seen carrying his favorite bread tray and boat buoy.



On the hills


On the beaches
Outside the cafe



Would you believe we just had a cup of tea here?!


Evening meals


Chip butties on the CalMac ferry. LIVING THE DREAM!!