Isle of Lewis (2010- Easter)



Some say the west coast of Scotland and Outer Hebrides are a long way away. But just look at the scenary you drive through to get there!!

What can you say.

Loch Cluanie. Magical.

Isle of Harris comes into sight.


Shall we say the Isle of Harris is hilly and Lewis is, erh, well alot flatter.


The Calanais stone complex may have been built around 3500BC. Thats alot older than Ultravox who filmed a video here in 1984.

Here are the Calanais III, thats Ruth, Neil and Digger, no, I mean thats what this satellite stone circle is called.

And here are some young hip things trying to look like moody pop stars just like Ultravox!!

And here is someone as old as the Calanais stones. NO, the one on the left who is a celt.

(This is an example of Self-Photography- the page on this topic will be uploaded from my old website very soon)


All good walks should start with a bus ride. This one from Stornaway to the Butt of Lewis was fab. It was also cheaper and longer than the cheapest tube journey in London.

This walk with Rosie and Ruth led to a secret beach next to the island of Scarp.

On this walk in the north of Lewis there was unexpected wildlife.

Possibly more bizarre, on this walk near Uige sands there was a giant chess piece.



The beaches were like those found on the Med. Oh, except that for some reason one had Wycombe Wanderers beach towels on them.

As I say, the beaches were like those found on the Med. Oh, except that they are empty for some reason.

And some people dress as if they are cold!!

As I say, the beaches were like those found on the Med. Oh, except that grown men try to play frisbi.

As I say, the beaches were like those found on the Med including sexy men in trunks.

Which nicely leads into……….


As an archaeologist swimming at Bostadh is great because there is an Iron Age roundhouse on the beach to visit when you come out (but sadly its not a changing OR toilet facility!).

The beach and sea at Traigh na Beirigh is also fab.

Our rented house/hotel was by Loch Rog Beag.

It even had its own swimmers ramp (but only two swimmers: Steve and Digger!).

Here, the group look on with envy and disappointment that they had forgotten to bring their swim costumes on holiday (or at least thats what they told me!!).

Which leads nicely onto


The view from the house was stunning.

There was plenty of room for Neil to mix his own beer!!

There was even a real bar (SHAME about bar man!).

There was even a pool table (but not so real pool players). Note. Jim and Katherine leaning on the bar in the background.

One of the lounges hosted the annual international uno competition (and no Neil didn’t win!)

There was even a kids theatre which hosted the annual awards presented by Ben and Rosie.

The dinning room was very big (and on some nights had strange people in it!!).

Well at least on league of gentlemen night!!

And here are the league of gentlemen (and the all important ladies) from Scottish Holiday Easter 1910.

And here is what we look like today (and what a fine bunch we look!!).