InverPolly Lodge (2014- Easter)

Destination: InverPolly Lodge (between Ullapool and Lochinver)

For “legal” reasons I am unable to show you a photo of this Club 15-74 Holiday


Oh go on then “sue me” Mrs Brown (to right of photo)


As ever the scenery is fantastic (view from Stac Pollaidh to a tempting looking loch!)


Walking in Scotland is a pleasure, but slightly challenging if you are scared of heights/exposure (shortly after this photo was taken Digger ran down the hill to the safety of the Loch)


Of course, Digger only pretends to be scared and is actually an accomplished rock climber (as Ben captures on this photo)


Walking in Scotland is always a pleasant experience (just see the smiles on our faces)


There are even more smiles on the “top” (ed. erh where? looks awful!)


Scotland also has fantastic archaeology. Just look at the view this resident of an Iron Age roundhouse gets!


Before the Iron Age was the stone age and some geologists (well Ruth) think this was very old
This is a geological disconformity. But in the background is the sea!


The sea contains seal (they are hard to see unless you have a WWFC scarf and hat)


But Scotland is best know (in some circles) for its wild swimming opportunities!