Glencarron Lodge (2016- Easter)

Glencarron Lodge

House, group and gardens

The Lodge was once visited by a princess. Can you spot her in this photo? (clue- not the imposter and her maiden in waiting but in the photo frame!)


It has a nice stair case and is now visited by groups of people like ours. Erh, where are they?


Errh. Well here is one of the group? Katharine wonders where the other 17 people, 2 dogs and 2 pink cats she went on holiday with have gone!


Well, sometimes its very difficult to arrange a Group “auto-timer” Photo.


The Group. 18 humans, 2 dogs, 2 pink cats and several stag antlers….


“The patio and views were just like those from a villa in France or Spain, but the weather was …….. like Scotland” (Leyla pers comm.)


When you stay in a big house in Scotland its important to dress accordingly. Note my new stylish wellies………..


Dinner time- selfie attempt. Despite claiming to have invented the technique the results produced by Digger are sometimes poor (and dark)


Formal dinner. With a formal stag on the wall



The Scottish landscape is spectacular. It has loads of water but not many trees (note there are two in this photo)


A few more trees and more water


In places there were a lot more of trees and water



As the saying goes “IF YOU GO DOWN TO THE WOOD TODAY (and there is water) you will find …………”


McDigger (For details go to NEW swims page)



Just look at the number of steps in one day! And all without sgt. Neil West “trecking tour leader”!!


For one brief moment I got in the lead on a walk


Here an anxious, or should that be hopeful, mother watches her sons cross a dodgy rope bridge.


Only Ruth spotted the photographer and decided to wave.


And no one spotted the photographer (with the photogenic face) when it was lunchtime.



Jigsaw “World Championship”

(i.e. what to do when its p&ssing down outside)

And the winner is Rosie


UNO “World Championship”

(i.e. what to do when its p&ssing down outside and you have finished the jigsaw)

The final was a nail biting affair


But did “first time finalists” Sue & Simon really think they had a chance against “poker-face” Ruth?


AND THE WINNER IS……. Welcome Ted. Hurrah. Hurrah. Hurrah.


Oh. OK. It was Ruth again………….. Just look at the “delight” on her face and that of others in the room!



“You looking at me son?” (Stag pers comm.)


“I’m not sure which of us was more scared” (Pink Cat pers comm.)


“Oh yer, it was me!” and “who stole my pants?” (Pink Cat pers comm.)


“I didn’t know it was going to turn out to be THAT sort of holiday………” (Pink Cat pers comm.)


Polly is a real dog although we think she is more like a human.


(Yet more) Selfies

Digger, with errh, digger


Digger, with Ruth


Digger, with Rosie, Kate, Simon, Katharine, Jim, Martin, Sam, Rosie, Leyla and Roger


Digger, with Judith, Judy, Steven, Rosie and Kate


And finally

Huge thanks to everyone who attended and made it a great holiday, special thanks to Club 10-74 organiser Ruth. (Apologies to Ben for only catching his nose & forehead in this photo)