Benmore Lodge (2013- Easter)

DESTINATION: Benmore Lodge (up past Ullapool)

View over Loch Ailsh to Benmore Lodge. You get there by a long rough track so we hoped all week it won’t snow.
But it did on the last day…….


Here the well known and respected Nissan Micra 4×4 People Carrier can be seen.
Here the much respected cleared roads with no snow on (Note to English Highways, get your act together)


Note. the blue skies (but don’t tell anyone, let them think it always rains or snows in Scotland)


Sadly you have to walk up hills to get the best views. Not easy if you are massively unfit and scared of heights/exposure.
On one “great” occasion I got within 10 metres of “pack-leaders” Martin, Ralph and Christiane. But only for 2 minutes….

Mountain biking

Learning from the painful memories (and sore bottom) of last years attempt to mountain bike I (no, I didn’t get fit) went by myself……


There are lots of chambered cairns in the area. It takes a trained eye (and arm) to spot them.


Near the easy to remember, Alt nan Uamh, there are caves once inhabited by ancient peoples, but now by Christiane, Ruth, Digger and Ben.


Scotland has fantastic places to swim (SEE New Swims page)

What else was there to do?

A much under-rated “hobby” is the “bagging” of signs…..
Some signs are slightly scary.
Others contain interesting names which can be “enhanced” by the wearing of local clothing….

Uno Annual World Championship

Uno game underway (the lighting has been dimmed so the identity of those involved is hidden)
These are the finalists and one is the winner. The identity of the person that after 20 years of trying is desparate to win shall be kept secret (but he’s holding a pink cat!)

The “Gang”

Thanks for all for making it a great holiday. Hang on who’s that in the middle?
Oh, it turns out Great Uncle Bulgaria won the Uno Championship…

Did you all get on?

Well, there was that time when Ben and Steven said something rude about the Wombles……