Braemar (2010- August)


The People

When “some people” visit Scotland they like to adopt Scottish ways such as the wearing of kilts.


Many others don’t! He’s the gang on the Braemar part of the holiday.


Here’s the gang on the Wig Wam part of the holiday.


Here’s an interesting couple I met in Falkirk museum.


And here’s another visitor to the same establishment.



The scenery around Braemar is lovely with more tree’s, valleys, rounded hills and deer than elsewhere.


Unfortunately not all the deer are still alive!


Its an “interesting” place for vegetarians to visit!


If that’s not shocking enough. Here is Ben who had an “incident” with a stone meeting his head on Day 1 of the holiday.

(Don’t be alarmed that someone would be so callus/m to take a photo at the time, this is a re-creation Ben kindly did for me later on in the week using wild raspberries!)

Falkirk wheel


There is plenty of “weird stuff” in Scotland. Here is a piece of engineering known as the Falkirk Wheel.


Its for moving boats uphill from one canal to another (or is it something from the Cold War I can’t quite remember!).


Old things

“If you go into the woods today” (near Falkirk) you will find…. an overground ditch.


“If you go into the grassy field” (near Falkirk) you will find….. a nicely mowed ditch.


“If you go into next to the flats” (in Falkirk) you will find…….. another stretch of nicely mowed ditch.


If you are a “highly trained archaeologist” you will understand that these clues indicate that you are visiting one of the Frontiers of the Roman Empire.


Or you could have just read the sign!


Was there anywhere good for swimming?

Well, for some Scotland has a reputation for rain, but for others this means rivers, lochs and pools to swim in!


This must be why Steve and John are smiling so much (or have they looked under Diggers kilt?!!)


“Is this a good spot for a swim?”


Oh, oh, oh my goodness. Yes.


Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.


Even the river bank support team enjoyed themselves.


But not as much as the swimmers! (It took a few attempts to get this right)


Attempt 2


Attempt 517!!!!


Due to never-ending discoveries of fantastic swim spots in the country, Scotland now has its very own gazetteer (come on Wales……)