Digger’s Dance Tips

Yo sexy cinerella whats hanging. The Vengaboys (who?!) may do it up and down, but “Dude Digs” does the rockafeller skank, burns the floor and will dance till he dropss. RESPECT (or not!)

Fatboy Digger’s Dance Tips

Tip 1. Picking the right costume is vital.

Michael Flatterly (second left) performing in a Roman theatre in Bulgaria 2001 (with strange men in togas).
Sandy from Grease? (a field in Herefordshire, September 2002)


Tip 2. Picking the right partner/s is essential.

WRONG These lads promised me by the end of the summer (2002) they’d have taught me all the dances of Grease!
RIGHT ? Sometimes dancing in a fairly empty nightclub is worthwhile (Bulgaria 2001)


Tip 3. If you get both wrong (costume and partner) you could be in serious trouble.

I’ve blanked it from my memory (St. Davids Day 1985, Cardiff Students Union)


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