Not so scared looking adult (selfie) collection


We survived (a wet Wycombe Festival 2023)
For legal reasons I am unable to identify the officer or the location/date of this photo. Or even who the person is on the right………. (Bridge of Balgie, April 2023)


“We’ll be coming down the mountain (track) when we come……we’ll be coming down the …” (Glen Lyon, April 2023)


The next generation of archaeologists: shovels and ice lollies at the ready! (Hinton St Mary, July 2022)


Ruth, Leyla and Digger (Stirling, Feb 2022)


Chris, The Beast (no relation) and Digger (Doncaster, March 2020- just before Lockdown)


Hunky men walking group (Easter 2019)


The pleasures of recycling in France with Leyla, Rosie and Ruth (2018)


Snowy “winter wonderland” Scotland with Ruth and Steve (2018)


Some castle in Derbyshire with Chris n Sandra (2017)


Not so scared looking Sandra and Chris with Digger in the Herefordshire Hills (Herefordshire 2006)


The one and only. No I mean Phil Harding on the left (West Sussex 2005)


Despite the scary weather and heights, Digger and Ruth were not frightened. Errh, perhaps that was something to do with the Whiskey consumed on the top of Ben More (Isle of Mull 2006)


Digger and Christiane on the Cain Gorms (2005)
Nice ear rings Digger. Did Angharad lend them to you? (Lyonshall 2004)