The ‘never work with animals’ (selfie) collection

Sheep attack!!! (Glen Lyon, May 2023)


Cow attack (Peaks, November 2022)


Cow attack (Bedfordshire, September 2022)


Goat Attack (Isle of Mull, July 2022)


Ever get the feeling you are being watched?! (Dorset 2021)


“Flash” (ah ha) and Digger (Dorset, September 2021)


A very different kind of “beast” (Dorset, June 2021)


Baloo. On a visit to Dorset (Jan 2018)


On the side of a mountain road (Argentina 2015)


On a wall in an unknown town (Argentina 2015)


On another wall in another unknown town (Argentina 2015)


A museum in southern France (2015)


Spot the difference?! (Fuerteventura 2012)


What do you mean I have grown a goat. ie. (Isles of Scilly 2012)


Spot the difference?! (Fuerteventura 2012)


Duck!! Ducks!! (North Yorks 2012)


Lion!!!! (N. Yorks 2012)


Horse meat and the vegetarian (Isles of Scilly 2012)


Well. I was told it was real (Suffolk 2005)
In Nepal they keep Rhino for pets?! (Nepal 2004)


Not all animals in Nepal are scarry! (2004)