Swim the Door 10

The One with NO Incidents

Due to popular demand STD took place again this year. All were pleased that there were no incidents this year.


Swims were held daily between 11th and 14th June 2010. In addition, an elite group of swimmers Swam Little Door on Sunday 13th June.

Who on earth attended?

Swimmers from all walks of life attended including accountants, archaeologists, business people, charity workers, computer people, doctors, housewives, kids, mechanics, nurses, physicists, students, solicitors and the unemployed (sign of the times).

The Swims

The swimmers head out
Louise notices that despite being a STD virgin that she is in the lead.
Christaine and Jo swim on while Graham tries to catch up.
All swimmers (and dogs) are counted as they pass through The Door.

Where did people come from?

Swimmers mainly came from the south-east with a concentration from Bedfordshire (both north and central). The greatest distance travellers were Louise (Blackpool), Allan (Liverpool), Tahira (Manchester) and South Wales (Rolfe).

Rog, Rolfe, Ron and Digger

STD10 Role of Honour

DETAILS SUBJECT TO CHANGE (when you tell me I’ve got it wrong).

Allan (Sat. 5x STD), Bobby The Dog (Sat. many randomx STD), Bryar (Sat. 1x STD), Christiane (Sat. 3x STD), Di (Sat. 5x STD), Digger (Fri, Sa & Su. 15x STD, 1x little door), Graham (Sat. 1x STD), Helen (Sat. 3xSTD + canoe assists), Jo (Sat. 3x STD), Julia (Sat. 2x STD), Louise (Sat. 5xSTD, Sun 1x little door), Mark P (Sat & Sun manyx STD canoe assists), Mark (Sat. 1x STD), Rog (Sat. 2x STD), Rolfe (Sat. 5x STD, Sun 5xSTD, 1x little door), Ron (Sat. 1x STD), Russell (Sat. 3x STD), Sandra (Sat. 1aborted STD), Zoe (Sat. 1x aborted STD)

STD10 Awards

“Best” Dog

Bobby. Wins this award hands, or is that paws, down (although some of us weren’t sure he actually knew he was in the sea let alone which way he was meant to swim).

“Best” Newcomer

Louise. A natural (she is the one in the middle incase you are unsure).

Allan. Defeated several years ago when he tried to STD but has now achieved success this year (and in record time!!).

“Best” Citizen of USA (On Day of USA v England)

Bryar. No competition (see other award below).

“Best” Youngest Swimmer

Bryar (the record books are being consulted as to whether he is the youngest ever).

“Best” Assisted Young Person

Maya. Like mother like daughter (I think not). This year Maya achieved the youngest person assisted to STD.

“Best” Most Wetsuits Worn

Zoe (Maya’s mum). Not surprisingly found it difficult to swim in a vest and TWO wetsuits.

“Best” Longest Time To Enter The Water

Sandra. And we are still waiting (this award was previously awarded to Zoe).

“Best” Attempt At Drowning

Due to the “incident” in STD09 this award is no longer issued…………..

“Best” Rescue Canoe

Mark and Helen. Fifth year running.

“Best” Most Casual Swimmer

Graham. Fifth year running.

“Best” Changing Swimming Trunks to be the right way round under Durdle Door

Russell (well, that’s what he told me he was doing!).

“Best” Swimming in Heavy Rain

Rolfe and Digger. Some say in the sea is “The best place to be if it starts to rain”.


Other Activities

Its traditional to have a few (too many) drinks the evening before the main swim.Here we are practicing our distress signs should we get into trouble in the water (I think).

Here you can see Digger explaining how to tread water (may be) to Louise, Sandra and Jo.

Its also traditional to have a barbee after the Saturday main swim.


*Important Disclaimer

Every effort has been made in the preparation of this document to provide as accurate information as possible. All statements and opinions are offered in good faith. The author cannot accept any responsibility for errors resulting from data supplied by a third party or the influence of alcohol or even the onset of old age. Therefore the author will not be liable for any loss of life or injury (however hideous) arising from decisions or actions made upon the basis of this document.

NOTE: Seriously now, like all open water swimming and life in general, there are dangers involved in this activity. If you are not an experenced and confident swimmer use to sea water conditions in Britain you would be stupid to try to STD.