Swim the Door (20)20

Thanks to everyone who made STD2020 so special in these “new normal” times…………..

Due to the Covid 19 situations (and idiots/lemmings at Durdle Door the week before it was due to take place, this years Swim the Door took place Virtually, at a secret location and by artwork.



The standards achieved for virtual STD were all very impressive. Here is a small selection

H&S is always of prime concern with any STD


But what is this……..


A “to scale” model of Durdle Door?!! (Surely no-one else went to the trouble of building an arch?


Not just another “to scale” model of Durdle Door, but a movie too. Seen here is a screen grab from the latest Lego movie (Chloe J)


Post (Pre)-modern CD artistic creation of Durcle Door (Chris)


Swing The Door (CoolArms)


Swim The Bridge Arch- daytime. From the video of the same name (Daryl)


Swim the Bridge Arch- nigh time (Daryl)

You might think that a bridge is nothing like Durdle Door but in these “new normal” times………….




Took place at a secret location on Saturday 6th June with numbers limited (and just about legal)

Socially distanced STD group


The swimmers enter the water


Traditional group photo of swimmers under “The Door”


Traditional “barbee” (respect and thanks to Helen)





(Will be moved to the STD Artwork page)

The I-Spy guide to Swim the Door (by Chris)


With “pop open” swimming Sandra


A cloth Durdle Door (by Sandra)


A stone Durdle Door. GENIUS (by Emily. Credit to the postie who managed to carry such a heavy card!!)



A cheat STD themed card (by Neil)


The ultimate wild swimming H&S sign (by JT)




Who’s coming next year?

It was going to be a “big one”, it might be a “small one”, but hopefully its a “covid free” one…………….

Hope you can make it…………

It could be you………………………