EOTR Festival (September)

JC Cairn of Martha, Digger (still standing after a bottle of Port and seeing Martha) and Naomi Griffin of Martha


Suffolk (August)

Digger, SLC, Zoe, Mark and Tarun eating ice cream at Southwold

Suffolk beaches weren’t as busy as I expect on the Bank Holiday weekend


Turns out not only is Emmerdale in Suffolk but that everyone goes her on Bank Holiday weekends…..


Glastonbury (June)

Hebe, Digger, JT (TTT) and Alice


The crowds


The crowds


The crowds for Elvana (probably the greatest Elvis fronted Nirvana tribute band in the world). Do you recognise the chap in blue to the right?


Bedfordshire (May)

Walking in Beds. (I don’t normally count Bedfordshire as a weekend away, but for various reasons I’ve not been away a lot so am counting it this year.)


Southend (March)

The Peaks (February)

Here are the “boys” on the “Boys walking weekend”


Alot of map reading is required


At least you sometimes get a sit down during map reading


Without a map its very easy to miss the PATH


Map reading is a serious business


If you can’t map read you may miss the signs to the café


Or you may never find your way to the pub


Stirlingshire (January)





Ruth, “Neil” and Digger


“Neil”, Ruth and Digger


Sheep 1, Sheep 2, Sheep 3, Sheep 4, Sheep 5, Sheep 6, Sheep 7, Sheep 8….