Wickham Festival (August)

Ian Prowse (genius of Pele and Amsterdam)
Beyond the Sons (the genius of youth)
Now. It did rain alot and that made the ground a bit muddy

Fortunately there was one warning sign….
We survived………..

Glastonbury Festival (June)


Stirlingshire (May)

Its like my second home…………

Unlike this sheep that lives in the area, its like my second home
And its these friends home too

Stirlingshire (April)

Ben Ledi
The top!!
Rest day

York (April)

Stirlingshire (February)

The gang on a hill
Hang on. Isn’t that Sarah (ne Lucy) and Greg, I last saw a decade or so ago?!
And who is the hiding on the left

Ruth and Digger “on top of Ben Ledi……………honest!!

The Peaks (January)

Isla, Richard@60 and Digger. Sunset with Mam Tor in background