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Durdle Door aka “The Door”

“Swim the Door” aka STD. 

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 This is the “official” website for Swim The Door.

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What is Durdle Door?

Durdle Door is a sea arch off the Dorset coast

“Sea arches are formed by the effects of wave action. It is a little known fact that in storms the pressure against a sheer cliff face may be in the region of 30 tons per sq metre. The water initially attacks weakness in the rock which can form caves. If you get two caves on opposite sides of a headland that eventually run into one another, the result will be an arch like Durdle Door.”

(inf. “I Spy Book of the Seashore”)

Swimming the Door?!

In 2005 Digger was to reach a “significant” age so (for no good reason) he thought it would be nice to get 40 people to Swim the Door* (STD) during his birthday week. Following the huge success of the event (STD05), Swim the Door has been repeated every year since.

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To “Swim the Door” has now been added to Fowlers Modern English Usage and Rogets Thesaurus and this website will explain why.

Heading off
On the way back
The 2005 A Team


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Like all open water swimming, and life in general, there are DANGERS, HAZARDS and RISKS involved in this activity. If you are not an experenced, confident swimmer, not used to cold water and not used to sea water in Britain you would be stupid to try to Swim the Door however warm, flat and inviting it may look.

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