Swim the Door 11

The sunny, wet and stormy one


Between Thursday 9th and Monday13th June. “Big swim” was at midday on Saturday 11th. Any attempt at swimming on Sunday 12th had to be aborted “due to conditions” (and some people even aborted the walk to the beach- I know who you are!!).

“Come in the water lovely (and definitely warmer than last year!)”


So, how many swimmers can you count? And can you spot Bobby “the dog”- a real one not an inflatable!


The Monday STD was “a little rougher”.


Nearly there.

ok. Who made it?

Now. Is Julia waving or drowning. That is the question?!


“I counted them out and I counted them back- but we seem to be missing about twenty swimmers!!”

Who on earth attended?

The usual gang plus the full compliment of Claude Place Kittens. This years STD virgins were Teresa, Lucy and Rebbecca.

Where did people come from?

Mainly from the south-east but with notable distant-travellers from Blackpool (ok Lytham St Annes) and Huddersfield (ok, well Meltham).

STD11 Role of Honour

(This years Role of Honour has been sponsored by Sandra, Graham and Emily who, not only setup this version of the website, but who provided the waterproof notepad for information to be recorded in. Now known as Diggers Little Black Book!)

Alex W (no STD but a regular supporter), Alex T (no STD but plays a mean football), Andrew (no STD but canoe & barbee assists), Bobby (Sat. STD in honour of Jake), Chloe (no STD but entered the artwork competition), Christiane (Sat. STD maintaining veteran status), Ciorstaidh(no STD but first year as a weekender), Diana (Sat. STD with no wetsuit and guide for Bobby), Diane (no STD but regular supporter of event and camped this year!), Digger (Thurs, Fri, Sat, Mon STD), Emily (no STD but entered the artwork competition), Esmie(no STD but surely soon), Graham (no STD but did create the website), Harry (no STD but was seen in a canoe witha strange man with hair claiming to be his Dad), Heidi (dry land abort), Helen (Sat. and Mon. STD aborts), Jason (no STD but has promised to get in training for next year), James (no STD but did put on wetsuit and get quite dirty), Jono (Sat. STD swam in preparation for the London-Brighton bike ride), Julia (Sat. STD maintaining veteran status), Lorna (no STD but has promised to get in training for next year), Louise (Sat. STD 2nd year running and still no wetsuit), Lucy (Sat. STD respect!), Mark P (Mon. accidental STD and many others sat in rescue canoe), Mark (of the 2009 incident-no comment), Maya (Sat. STD respect!), Mike (Sat. STD- no wetsuit), Rebecca(Sat. 2x STD no with one without wetsuit), Richard (no STD but has promised to get in training for next year), Russell (Sat. STD maintaining veteran status), Sandra (Sat. STD and CPK co-coordinator), Taran (no STD but surely a prospect of the future), Tasha (Sat. STD respect!), Teresa (Sat. 3x STD at least but no need for the wet suit next year!), Zoe (dry land abort).


(While every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of the awards the judges would like to point out that, at least one of them, had drank rather alot of Port so there may be some errors. The decision of the judges is final (but they can be bought with a packet of Twiglets or Womble merchandise!)

“Best” non wetsuits

Digger,  Jo, Helen, Mike T, Louise, Diana, Bobby. Hang on, does this list get shorter each year?


“Best” dog

Bobby. 2nd year running and who swam it in honour of Jake “another swimming Dog” who passed away earlier in the year.

“Best” smile

Jono. You wouldn’t believe that 2 minutes before this he was concerned he would never make it back!

“Best” canoe support

Mark P. Fourth year running. Just how many lives has he saved?

“Best” canoe support new-comer

Andrew. Who seems to grow hair every time he goes out in the boat.

“Best” new-comers

Teresa and Lucy. They had clearly discussed tactics (although they had plenty of time on their 10 hour journey down).

Rebecca. This paparazzi photo capures the moment that she enters the water “chased by two green inflatable crocodiles”!

“Best” youngest STD

Maya. Despite (or is it because of) last years controversal decision by the judges to award the “youngest assisted STD” to Maya she was determined to achieve her life-time achievement and is now the youngest-ever STD veteran (aged 10). The judges were heard to comment “shame you mother never got within 3m of the sea” this year).

“Best” next youngest STD

Tasha and Lucy.  Remember you are the future of STD (no pressure!!)

“Best” kept nails

Jo. Yes despite a rough STD Jo’s nails survived intact and the same colour (although she does seem to have lost a finger!)

Due to popular demand here is a close-up of Jo’s hand.

OK. Here are the “Nails that Swam The Door in 2011”

“Best”/”worst” excuse for non-attendance

Jo and Ben. “We would love to attend but are in Bedfordhospital with our new-born baby girl”

Neil. “Siento que no puedas venir. Sorry, I seem to have travelled half-way across the world (to avoid STD-again)”

Dave (The Beast). “Sorry but I am managing a bar at Take That concerts all week”.

JT. “Backache, but I have given Digger a Quo DVD to give him a headache”

“Best” artwork


“Best” wetsuit

Teresa. To be honest, I’ve only uploaded this photo because Lucy told me to (and said that the boys at school would all send me a £1 from their dinner money if I did!)

“Best” wettest people without entering water

Mark, Helen and Digger. Sundays swim was aborted.

“Best” synchronised swimming

Sandra and Russell. Perfect. You should be ready for the Olympics no trouble!

“Best” attempt at surfing

Christine. “Left a bit, left a bit, damn missed it”

“Best” wave (sea not hand)

Always remember the sea can be a dangerous place!


“Best” Auto-Timer photo

It is presumed that Lorna and Zoe try to hide their faces for “legal reason” given their professions.


“Best” Claude Place Kitten (CPK) greeting

Louise. Apparently this is a “traditional” greeting the CPK do when they meet.  Lorna doesn’t look convinced.